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If you notice that your stylish and beautiful sofa set has become old and faded, the next thing to consider is how to get rid of an old couch or how to repair it. A damaged sofa does not only diminish the aesthetic value of your space but also affect your comfort. For this, you may call lounge repair technicians to perform furniture repairs. Leave the job to the experts, particularly if you have no idea how to go about it. 

But it is not always clear-cut if a piece of furniture needs repair. Here are some signs to look for to help you assess the condition of your sofa:

There are lumpy spots.

A sofa that is full of lumps can be painful and annoying. Often, it is an indication that stuffing of the upholstery has been worn due to much use over the years. A furniture company can install new stuffing materials again to your sofa. 

You feel pain and discomfort.

If your antique sofa is showing signs of unsatisfactory conditions, you do not need to settle for it. A professional furniture repair service can perform an internal repair on your sofa, such as replacing the stuffing without affecting the integrity of its exterior appearance. The result is an increase in its comfort level. 

You can see tell-tale signs of age.

Sometimes, you do not realise the decline of your sofa until the deterioration is significant in the comfort level, stuffing, fabric, or appearance. The process of aging can happen during a long period. Therefore, pay attention to any changes in the condition and quality of your sofa, so that you can schedule furniture repairs as soon as possible. 

You sink when you sit.

If you start sinking every time you sit down on your sofa, it is a strong indicator that it could use a good repair. A sofa with this condition usually means that the cushions need new stuffing. 

It looks dirty and soiled due to discoloration.

If your sofa set was originally maroon but now appears pinkish on most parts, it is asking you to change its upholstery and give it a makeover.  While a fading colour does not impact the comfort level of those who sit on it, it can ruin the overall style of the room.

Common Causes of Furniture Damage

  • Sunlight. Upholstered furniture and those made of wood will experience fading if it receives too much exposure from harsh UV rays. Prevent damage and discolouration by putting curtains on the windows or closing the shutter or blinds when the sun is shining brightly. 
  • Claws. If you have cats at home, most likely they see your sofa as a good place to sharpen their claws. Put a stop to it by providing them with a scratching post. You may also trim their claws to reduce the damage they cause. 
  • Cleaning products. When removing stains from your sofa, make sure you are using the right upholstery cleaner. Otherwise, the cleaning product you use may discolour and wear away its materials. 

High-quality and well-crafted pieces of furniture like your sofa can last for many years. However, even the finest and the most durable piece can still be subjected to scratches, stains, wear, and tear, etc.  If your once reliable and beautiful sofa is now old and in poor condition, it is best to let the professionals do some furniture repairs and give it a revamp. 

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