Home theatre installation

The population of Adelaide was about 25,456 in 2019. Of these, about 10,909 were employed. It means that about half the state’s residents were employed. These statistics indicate that the people of Adelaide are affluent enough to install home theatres in their houses. 

Home theatre installation in Adelaide requires that you have a separate space that is about 20 feet long and 15 feet wide. Though this is not carved in stone, it is the recommended least space ideal for home theatres. These are the floor plans that ensure that you have an unmatched home theatre experience. 

4D Motion Technology

There is no point in installing a home theatre if you don’t have 4D motion technology installed into your seats. 4D is what brings life to any motion picture. It allows you to experience the movements of the movie characters and transports you to the film sets. Once you have experienced 4D motion, you will not want to watch movies any other way. 

Vertical Stretch Projectors

Your movie experience is incomplete, with a 16.9 aspect ratio. When you pick a projector with a built-in vertical stretch, you can convert the resolution to a 21.9 aspect ratio. The width to height ratio is the aspect ratio. Adjusting the ratio of your screen’s tallness to its wideness will help you enjoy an optimal cinematic adventure, whether you’re looking to enjoy the Rugby Championship matches, NRL Telstra Premiership, or live cricketing action. 


A home theatre not only enhances the visual but also the audio experience. Therefore, the room’s acoustics play an active role in the home theatre installation in Adelaide. Acoustics include sound absorption, sound diffusion, and bass traps. How these are placed depends on the size of the room. If they are in very close proximity to each other, they will result in an annoying echo. If placed too far apart, it may not give the appropriate effect. Proper acoustics will ensure you experience the live thrill of watching matches at the Sydney Cricket Ground without leaving your living room. 

Transparent Screens

The screens are placed directly opposite the projector. The advantage of transparent screens is that it allows the speakers to be placed directly below them, mimicking the commercial theatre style. The result is that the sound appears to be coming from the screen rather than the other side of the room. 

Room Isolation

As you know, the room that you plan to install the home theatre in needs to be light-proof and sound-proof. It is a kind of audio-visual sanctuary that deflects outside sound and light. It will magnify your movie watching experience to surpass that of a theatre. You can convert any space into a home theatre by insulating it for sound and light. Panels that absorb light and sound come in a variety of designs and colours.

RTI Control

Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) controls allow all your family members to operate the system with ease. It not only makes control easy but reduces the clutter of multiple controls. You can control the light, sound, video, and 4D automation. It will also stow away all your equipment inside a cupboard when your movie ends. 

Nothing is more enjoyable than watching movies with friends and family. With the pandemic raging strong, it is also the safest way to bond with your kin. Home theatre installation in Adelaide can turn your living room or any other room into an amazing theatre. 

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