These vertical garden ideas help you to grow plants everywhere – whether it’s outside or inside‚ÄĒespecially when you’re living in a city and all you have is little to no place for gardening. From the easy DIY planter to a vertical herb garden, here is the list of ideas that will inspire you.


Staircase Plant Stand

Utilize an old staircase as a plant stand. Repaint it to give a new look, and you can even place it at roofs, balconies, or terraces. Arrange your favorite florals in containers and display them on the stand.

Blue staircase plant stand from goodhousekeeping
White rustic stairs from bowerpowerblog
Yellow vertical stair planter from designmeetstyle

Vibrant Hanging Pallet

Wood pallets are so perfect for DIY projects because they’re affordable and versatile. Paint the pallets in bright colors, hang them on the wall – make sure it gets proper sunlight – and grow your plants there.

White hanging wooden pallet from palletsdesigns

Wall-mounted Terracotta Planters

Need help to decorate the warren wall? One of the brilliant vertical garden ideas you can try is to dress that wall with colorful flowers. Grow your plants in painted terracotta pots and mount them to the wall. Add garden lighting to make it more attractive. 

Terra wall pots design from glaminati.

Vertical Fruit Baskets Planter

Bring the natural beauty into your interior by adding greenery into your decoration plan. Especially for you who live in a limited space like an apartment or condo, try this vertical planter idea: arrange a few fruit baskets, add indoor plants such as succulents, then place it as the centerpiece.

Colorful hanging basket planter from balconygardenweb.
Hanging fruit basket planter from squirrellyminds.

DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

Utilize old wood panels and mason jars to grow your favorite herbs: parsley, oregano, rosemary, sage, basil, you name it. Grow each of them in mason jars, then lean or hang against a wall. You can place them either outside or inside the house.

Hanging mason jar herbs from consumercrafts

Sometimes you need to look up to the walls, these vertical garden ideas are the smart solution to your struggle to have a beautiful garden in a small space.


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