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A green wall or living wall refers to a vertical garden that can either exist indoors or outdoors. While living in an urban setting, concrete, noise, traffic, and pollution are constant. This harmful exposure can have a significant impact on your mental and physical wellness. 

When in a modern, concrete jungle, you desperately need a spiritual connection with nature, and an indoor plant wall provides just that. A touch of greenery has a soothing effect on your entire being, helps you relax, focus, generate ideas, and problem solve. 

You will also notice how effectively an artistic green wall contributes towards increasing your productivity. Creating an aesthetically designed plant wall will do the trick when you want to lend life and character to dull-looking interiors. Moreover, this addition to your indoor space also has a visually appealing and inspirational effect.

These vertical walls consist of plant containers or shelves attached directly to the wall. The plants should be placed in a manner that facilitates air to flow freely. You also need to ensure that every plant on your green wall gets the required light and water it needs to thrive.

Enumerated here are the many health benefits of plant walls set-up indoors:

Improves Air Quality

Plants absorb pollutants, and certain varieties do so more effectively. Through air systems and ducts, toxic fumes penetrate your interior spaces. Many plants can be accommodated on an indoor wall, and these together help improve the air quality inside by getting rid of toxins present.

Creates a Healthy Climate Indoors

When you are surrounded by greenery, your frequency of headaches, eye irritations, fatigue, and sore throat considerably diminish. The healthy indoor climate created by the presence of your living wall ensures you rarely fall ill. 

Plants keep your blood pressure, muscle tension, and heart activity in check. By keeping your spirits upbeat and improving your brain functioning, plants positively impact your productivity.

Keeps Stress at Bay 

Just by looking at a wall full of greenery, you can relax and attain a peaceful state of mind. Even if you are stressed out or physically and mentally exhausted, the healing environment provided by living walls instils a feeling of wellbeing. 

Your stress will melt away as you spend more time surrounded by nature’s unique offerings. Exposure to plants eases your anxiety and builds positive emotions within by giving you a sense of comfort.

If you have recently undergone a medical procedure, you will likely recover faster when you interact more with greenery. Plants, though not a substitute for medication, have a significant impact on your wellness. If you underestimate their powerful effect on your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional being, you will fail to reap their many benefits.

Vegetation can naturally block high-frequency sounds. Besides, where your indoor plant wall is located diminishes low-frequency noise. These green walls absorb acoustic energy, thus significantly reducing noise levels too.

A plant specialist can suggest the best varieties for your wall, considering that area’s exposure to sunlight and humidity. Consult with an expert who is passionate about plants and helps to bring your garden indoors.

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