Whether you have a big or small home, you can always create a fun indoor playroom for your toddlers. You can provide the toys, storage to store the small stuff and toys, and even the rug to make your kids comfortable. For the rug itself, you can get it at the rug store San Francisco CA. From joyful colors to the Scandinavian minimalist style, the following are some great design ideas for your children’s heaven at home. In fact, as an adult, you will also love the designs!

Colorful Nook

A nook with color-blocked walls will brighten your kid’s indoor playroom. Get some cubbyhole storage to keep your kid’s toys and books. Also, install some DIY shelves on the walls to display art and craft that your kids have made. Don’t forget to set up a safe, colorful foam carpet on the floor to add more fun and protection to the room. 

Wooden wall shelf from little-gabchou
White toy storage from youandkids
Vertical wooden shelf from youandkids
Wooden wall shelf from youandkids
Colorful wooden storage from youandkids

Tree-House Playground 

Kids have always loved playing in a treehouse. Therefore, bring it to your kid’s indoor playroom with some fun décor. It is usually a favorite place for a hideaway and sleepovers. In the room, build a faux tree and a staging area that includes built-in storage. To add the outdoor vibe, paint a farm on the walls. Fun, isn’t it? 

Pallet box storage tree house from dorisleslieblau
Wooden pallet tree house from dorisleslieblau
Dark brown tree house from hellowonderful

Scandinavian DIY Hideaway

Stimulate your toddler’s imagination with smart Scandinavian décor. Paint the room with crisp white and add a monochrome touch to it with sticking black washi tape, creating a fun pattern, such as a house or a castle. Install a small 3-storey shelf on the untapped area, and you can turn it into either toy storage or a tiny kitchen, or both! 

Small 3-storey shelf from kidsinteriors
Small wooden house from kidsinteriors
Dollhouse from kidsinteriors
Monochromatic shades from kidsinteriors
Wooden small tent from thespruce
Modern fireplace from thespruce
Small kitchen from countryliving
Corner wood storage from countryliving
Iron toy storage from countryliving

Stylish Kid’s Space

Who says a kid’s indoor playroom can’t look stylish? This design idea proves it can. With built-in cabinets and a large window, the room will look more spacious. Rustic timber flooring and dark blue walls are the elements that make the entire space look stylish. Add a set of mini wooden table and chairs to add comfort as well as elegance. 

Shades blue and white from marieburgosdesign
Large windows from elledecor
Blue built-in cabinet from elledecor
Wooden floors and blue walls from home-designing
Small blue table and chair set from futuristarchitecture
Shades blue and tree house from futuristarchitecture.

The Adventurer’s Tiny World  

If you wish your kid to have an adventurous soul, tell them the joy of traveling. You can start it with world map wallpaper on your kid’s indoor playroom. Don’t forget to add toy storage and play table set, and backdropped with carpet tiles with catchy colors and patterns. 

World map wallpaper from decorpad
Wooden crate storage from residencestyle
Toy storage cabinet from decorpad
Pink storage rack from decorexpro

So, have you decided which indoor playroom design idea suits your toddler best? 

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