Christmas cone trees are always lovable. This timeless trend is a DIY holiday project that is easy to do and can be personalized to your home. Not to mention that the project is also cheap even though it doesn’t look cheap at all—which is great!  

The basic materials to do these DIY Christmas cone trees are decorative paper, light cardboard, or poster board. You can also use recycled materials, like empty cereal boxes. Don’t forget some crafting glue and you’re good to go. Below are some ideas you can try at home. 

Snowy Christmas Cone Trees

Christmas holidays have always been linked to snow and white colors. So, if you want to make some traditional Christmas cone trees, this idea is for you. Roll a rectangular decorative paper or cardboard to form a cone. Stick the tip with hot glue. Let it dry and stick white faux bird feathers on the cone surface. Make layering form so that it looks like a real pine tree. Tada! It feels as if it’s snowing inside the house! 

White paper christmas tree from allfreechristmascrafts
White chardboard from guiademanualidades
White paper tree from createandbabble
Wax paper tree from designcrushblog

Glam Christmas Cone Trees

Want something more festive for this holiday season? Just make these glam Christmas cone trees. Roll a poster board to create some cones and add some hot glue on the tip to make your cones firm. 

Trim the cone bottoms so that they are even and can sit nicely on any surface. Spray on the cones with adhesive spray and pour some glitter. Once all parts of the cones are covered with glitter, let them dry. Then, get ready to rock the party!

Glam christmas cone fom twinsdish
Silver gliter cone from twotwentyone
Silver and gold glam christmas from homewithholliday
Metalic DIY cone from thebudgetdecorator
Silver glitter cone from thebudgetdecorator
White cone with gold glitter from thebudgetdecorator
Sequin gold christmas tree from christmas.365greetings
Glitter foil christmas Tree from christmas.365greetings
Red glitter christmas tree from christmas.365greetings
Iced glittered trees from christmas.365greetings
Silver and gold ombre glitter from christmas.365greetings
Tinsel glitter trees from christmas.365greetings
Stripped glitter trees from christmas.365greetings
Blue and purple ombre glitter from christmas.365greetings
Glitter and fairy lights from christmas.365greetings
Sparkly multi-colored glitter trees from christmas.365greetings

Recycled-Coffee Filter Christmas Cone Trees

If you want to do a DIY project with recycled materials, this idea can be considered as well. Make cones out of used cereal boxes (or used poster board) and cut some coffee filter paper on the middle, creating a hole on that part. Stick and stack all the holed filters on each cone, creating layers. When the glue is dry, you can optionally add some glitter on the layers. Voila

Brown coffee filter paper from acraftedpassion
White coffe filter paper from thesuburbanmom
Blue coffe filter paper from uncommondesignsonline
Pastel coffee filter paper from thebudgetdecorator

Do at least one of the DIY indoor Christmas cone trees above to add more feel of festivity in your house this winter. 

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