Just like indoor hues, exterior paint colors for your house are supposed to be the ones that make you miss going home no matter how many miles away from home you are. Therefore, if you’re going to sell your house in the near future, the first thing first is to wisely choose the exterior paint colors that will attract a lot of potential buyers. Below is the list of recommended home exterior paint colors you need to know. 

Off White

Keep in mind that your home exterior paint colors can make or break the other people’s impression of your house. Off-white color for your home façade—especially the one with bricks—creates a traditional look that will make you miss being home even more. 

Light Blue

Fresh color combos like deep aqua and light blue offer tranquility to your home—whether your home is sited on the beach, or a suburb, or anywhere. Not only that, but this color can also enhance architectural elements on your house exterior. 

Light blue pallet wall from southernhospitalityblog
Combination of light blue and white walls from southernhospitalityblog


Neutral exterior paint colors are always a timeless trend. Choosing taupe is smart, as it is one of the most popular neutral paint choices available. Some experts said that it is good to keep it neutral when it comes to selling your houses. It is as simple as that! 

Taupe exterior paint from socialwiki

Cypress Green

Want a neutral yet appealing paint color? Try cypress green, a cross between gray and green. It also makes a great contrast to black and dark gray shutters on your home exterior. This type of green can also bring peaceful ambience to the whole exterior part of your house.  

Lighthouse Red

Joyful lighthouse red feels classic yet fresh. Different from the other exterior paint colors, this red stunningly pops out contrasting any backgrounds. No matter where your house is—sited among multiple trees or at a clean landscape backdropped just by a broad blue sky, and this paint color can captivate many people’s attention. 

Lighthouse red paint color from thisoldhouse

Now, you’ve known some of the most popular exterior paint colors. Get ready to be called by potential buyers who are captivated by your houses. 

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