Wooden pallets are very low-cost and can be obtained easily, so itโ€™s suitable for our DIY projects. Before we start, make sure the pallets are the one that has HT (Heat Treatment) or DB (Debarked) label. The one with MB (Methyl Bromide) label is not safe to be used for our furniture pallet projects. For a starter, check these 3 brilliant ideas for your home.

Pallet Sofa with Storage

Our first furniture pallet projects are sofa with a nook under the sofa to store magazines, books, newspaper, or other stuff as well. The sofa can be constructed like a standard bench, and added a nook under the seating part. A little slat can also be added in the back for additional storage.

Once itโ€™s constructed, you can optionally paint the sofa and add comfortable thick cushions as a final touch to our DIY sofa. Also, armrests can be added to both sides if desired.

DIY pallet sofa from goodshomedesign
Pallet sofa with thick cushions from goodshomedesign
Brown pallet sofa from palletsdesigns
DIY pallet sofa with drawer from palletsdesigns
Black pallet sofa from woodenpalletprojects
White pallet with storage from diy-craftsy

Pallet Bar Set

Our next furniture pallet projects are a bar set. If you ever dreamt of having a bar set without spending a lot of fortune, this one might be the one for you to try. Wooden pallets can be used to construct nearly all elements of a bar set, starting from the stools, the storage cabinet or shelves, and of course the bar itself.

We can be creative in experimenting with the designs to suit our taste and interact well with the rest of the house.

Purple pallet chair and blue mini bar from thebestwoodfurniture
Small pallet bar set from recycledpalletsideas
DIY pallet bar from recycledpalletsideas
Monochromatic pallet bar from recycledpalletsideas
Semicircular pallet bar from recycledpalletsideas
Reclaimed pallet bar from recycledpalletsideas
Small white bar from recycledpalletsideas

Pallet Decorations

Need furniture pallet projects in smaller sizes? Pallet home decorations might fit your need. From simple to complex home decorations can be constructed using pallets. For example, we can make wooden signs from pallet, chalkboard easels, mirror frames, trash bins, wooden fences, or even wall clocks.

Pallet with jar vase from homeflish
DIY pallet painting from homeflish
Red lips from diys
Pallet plant holder from homeflish
Mantle frames from diys

Those are a few ideas for furniture pallet projects. There are much more furniture and decorations that can be constructed using wooden pallets. Just be creative and have fun with the pallets!

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