Flower pots are not only good for planting flowers, herbs, and small vegetables. They can also serve as a starter DIY project. Most flower pots come with a standard clay-brown colour, thus making it a great canvas for your DIY projects. DIY flower pot decoration is easy to do and doesn’t take too much time, so it’s perfect as your first DIY project.

This time, we have five flower pot decoration ideas to try, so get your paint, brushes, and crafting materials ready. 

Solid Colors

This flower pot decoration is a perfect start to get our hands dirty in DIY. We can cover the whole flower pot with color, or we can try to cover only the top or bottom half of the pot. We can also combine two or more different colors to make it more interesting. 

Green and brown from witandwhistle
0516 real simple com fathers day terracotta wendy granger
Ombre pot from realsimple
White and gold pot from guidepatterns


If we have steady hands, we can try this flower pot decoration style. We can apply various patterns such as floral or geometric shapes to spice up our flower pots. Be creative with the positioning as it can give a sense of continuity between many pots when they are arranged side by side. 

Flower painted clay pots from guidepatterns


This flower pot decoration maybe the easiest one to do. All we need is glue, wrapping material, and creativity. The wrapper can be anything, such as fabric, gift wrapper, newspaper, twine, etc. The material can be cut and shaped as desired and just wrap it around the flower pot with some glue.

Wrapping newspapers from forcreativejuice
Pretty lace flower pots from forcreativejuice
Twine-Wrapped from diys
Lace clay pot from diys
Knitted pot from countryliving

Embellished Ornaments

We can try another style with crafting glue for our flower pot decoration project. Embellish the flower pot with small objects, such as small stones, gems, beads, sequins, and the like to create some kind of pattern that will give a whole new look to your flower pots.

Twigs-wrapped pot from countryliving
Embellish with seashells from countryliving


Not all that glitters is gold. It’s true, because you can make your flower pot decoration glitter, too! Glitters can be mixed directly into paints, or sprinkled on top of half-dried paint. Try to mix it with neon colors to add a pop of sparkle to your flower pots.

Those are a few flower pot decoration ideas you can try on your plain-looking flower pots. The decoration possibilities are limitless, so keep experimenting with different looks and have fun.

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