Flower pots are not only good for planting flowers, herbs, and small vegetables. They can also serve as a starter DIY project. Most flower pots come with a standard clay-brown colour, thus making it a great canvas for your DIY projects. DIY flower pot decoration is easy to do and doesn’t take too much time, so it’s perfect as your first DIY project.

This time, we have five flower pot decoration ideas to try, so get your paint, brushes, and crafting materials ready. 

Solid Colors

This flower pot decoration is a perfect start to getting our hands dirty in DIY. We can cover the whole flower pot with color, or we can try to cover only the top or bottom half of the pot. We can also combine two or more different colors to make it more interesting. 

1 snapinsta.app_1080_203193368_2986039931714252_1353071525658909515_n

Look at this one flower pot! Decorated with paint will make it look more beautiful. The combination of orange and purple colors used will present a beautiful and festive appearance. Orange and Purple Pot from @fizzbubbleartanddesign

2 snapinsta.app_1080_25009274_1509999415716340_5450754746384121856_n

An easy way to decorate pots is to repaint them in a prettier color. This time you can paint the pot with an Ombre theme so that it will attract the attention of everyone who comes to see it. Ombre Pot from @resenecolour

3 snapinsta.app_1080_285239436_398640025517678_6855934382350045377_n

Painting pots is one of the DIY projects you can do for pot decoration. This time you can use white and pink paint to paint flower pots in your home so that they will look beautiful and full of charm. White Pink Pot from @neon.heart.designs

12 snapinsta.app_1080_17494437_440044722997685_1981777551952969728_n

This pot is painted with a green theme so it will look beautiful and fresh. Equipped with a closed eye sticker will make this pot look very stunning. Green Pot from @iamevelinka

13 snapinsta.app_1080_10903287_1532535707019752_784752831_n

Look at this bunny pot! The owner painted it using white and a little pink accent so it will make it look so beautiful. Displaying it on the table will catch the attention of everyone who comes to see it. White Painted Pot from @mikaelapuranen

14 snapinsta.app_1080_22071417_153038711957375_117954155728863232_n

Make your pot look more attractive. This time you can repaint your flower pot with a bright color so it will look festive. The combination of yellow, orange and white is the right choice and will never fail. Yellow, Orange and White Painted Pot from @arizonapottery


If we have steady hands, we can try this flower pot decoration style. We can apply various patterns such as floral or geometric shapes to spice up our flower pots. Be creative with the positioning as it can give a sense of continuity between many pots when they are arranged side by side. 

4 snapinsta.app_1080_124269133_557120285152271_6056464296138069433_n

This white nuanced pot is decorated with a bee pattern made by hand painting. With a white and yellow color combination, this pot looks very adorable. Little Bee Pattern from @ourforeverutopia

5 snapinsta.app_1080_243626100_661440511495444_2992638303586910208_n

You can never fail to decorate a pot by adding patterns to the surface of the pot. This time you can use the animal print theme so that it will present its own charm. Animal Print Pot from @wildlovepots

6 snapinsta.app_1080_90214341_217055652739734_7869666668527283080_n

Beautiful isn’t it? This pot decoration by adding a flower pattern on the surface of the pot. The flower pattern that is presented has a colorful theme so that it will make your pot look very festive and manage to steal the attention of everyone who comes to see it. Flower Pattern from @valeriamendes.artes

15 snapinsta.app_1080_287949800_352865460290085_6983080263336138257_n

Look at this flower pot! The owner decorated it by adding a geometric pattern made with a DIY project. The subtle color combinations on display will make this pot look absolutely stunning. Geometric Pattern from @interior_arts_sharing


This flower pot decoration maybe the easiest one to do. All we need is glue, wrapping material, and creativity. The wrapper can be anything, such as fabric, gift wrapper, newspaper, twine, etc. The material can be cut and shaped as desired and just wrap it around the flower pot with some glue.

7 snapinsta.app_1080_209408012_1430745307298314_847420648662698620_n

One fun way to decorate flower pots is to cover them with something. This time you can wrap it using white and navy rope so that it will present an attractive nautical look. Rope Covered Pot from @myplantaccount

8 snapinsta.app_1080_1173168_644141012275914_596519845_n

This mini flower pot has a pink theme and is wrapped in a glittery bow so it will present a very stunning look. Placing it in an indoor area will make it a focal point in your home. Bow Covered Pot from @chocolate_favors_pops


Talking about pot decoration, this time you can decorate it by wrapping it with something. Here you can use green crochet to wrap flower pots so it will look very attractive. Knitted covered pot from @mackuscrochetworld


Using rope for pot decoration ideas is an interesting idea. This time you can use white and cream rope to wrap your flower pots so they will look very beautiful and full of charm. Cream and White Rope Wrapping from @gunn.kamra

Embellished Ornaments

We can try another style with crafting glue for our flower pot decoration project. Embellish the flower pot with small objects, such as small stones, gems, beads, sequins, and the like to create some kind of pattern that will give a whole new look to your flower pots.

17 snapinsta.app_1080_288227610_589120975875751_2669360250318815765_n

These colorful ceramic pieces can never fail for flower pot decoration ideas. Here you can stick it on the pot using glue to load a certain pattern so it will make your pot look awesome. Mosaic Pot from @mosaikgarten

18 snapinsta.app_1080_60364143_303538153899025_217573212338076602_n

This time you can use gravels for pot decoration ideas so that it will present a creative look. Here you only need to attach gravel to the pot according to the pattern you want so it will look amazing. Gravels Decorative Pot from @crafty_servings

19 snapinsta.app_1080_173129293_917990822101422_6499873275616419339_n

These pots are decorated with faux flowers by attaching them with glue. In this way, your flower pot will look more beautiful and can enhance your home decor. Decorative Pot with Flower Ornament from @simply.by.a


Look at this flower pot! The owner uses colorful magnets to decorate it. Here colorful magnets are attached all over the surface of the pot using glue so it will make it look very festive. Colorful Magnet Pot from @tushardhiman5


Not all that glitters is gold. It’s true, because you can make your flower pot decoration glitter, too! Glitters can be mixed directly into paints, or sprinkled on top of half-dried paint. Try to mix it with neon colors to add a pop of sparkle to your flower pots.

9 snapinsta.app_1080_1169218_477187362482901_825168672_n

You can never fail to use glitter to decorate your flower pots. Here you can use gray glitter for the gray pot decoration so it will look the same. Grey Glittery Pot from @glassthatglitters

10 snapinsta.app_1080_183475162_295405412277375_763547121153837971_n

This white flower pot is decorated with a flower pattern made using glitter so that it will present a beautiful and stunning look. This time you can display this pot indoors so it will catch the attention of everyone who comes to see it. White Pot with Flower Glitter from @fernandflamebrisbane

11 snapinsta.app_1080_278822862_942530513086080_7445066412886471401_n

Perfect ! This flower pot is decorated with glitter sprinkles to make it look prettier and more luxurious. Having a green color will make her look fresh and steal the show. Green Glittery Pot from @beatrixcreates

16 snapinsta.app_1080_280207247_1420923638350570_156240919859720498_n

This gold pot looks simple and boring. Therefore, the owner decorated it with white glitter so that it would make it prettier and not boring. Gold Pot with White Glitter from @floralsupplysyndicate

Those are a few flower pot decoration ideas you can try on your plain-looking flower pots. The decoration possibilities are limitless, so keep experimenting with different looks and have fun.

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