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Mediterranean-Inspired Garden Hedge Plants Designs

There are heaps of ways to make our garden stand out and captivating for everyone. One of which is by creating hedges that will make your garden feel a lot closer to nature than the walls or wooden fences. So, it’s ideal if we want to get a more open and natural feel for our gardens.

Hedges can be built using various plants, but this time we want to give a few plant and design ideas to give your garden a little bit of Mediterranean look. It will make your garden hedge plants design look so pleasant to your guests and family. Check them out.

Clipped Hedges

One of the Mediterranean style features is a clipped garden hedge plants. A clipped hedge can provide a clear structure and framework for the garden. A low clipped hedge can act as a frame for low height shrubs such as lavender and rosemary. 

Low lavender plant from nature-and-garden
Purple flowers pool side from homedesignlover
Lavender hedge spacing from gardenerreport
Olympus digital camera
Narrow-leaved lavender from
Growing Rosemary from bonnieplants

Drought-Tolerant Plants

Drought-tolerant plants are also good garden hedge plants to give a Mediterranean look to your garden. Plants such as agave, lavender, bay tree, rock rose, and other similar plants will definitely enhance the Mediterranean atmosphere on your garden.

Agave hedge plants from sunset
Agave drought plants from diygarden
Bay trees and pallet fence from gardeningandliving
Front garden bay tree from diygarden
Potted bay tree from diygarden
Pink rock rose from fungardeningtoday
Bay tree fence from diygarden

Italian Cypress

Italian cypress is one of versatile garden hedge plants, as it remains green all year long and provides a very good screen for privacy. There are horizontal and vertical spread options that can grow very fast, so they’re ideal for making lush hedges in a short time.

Italian cypress line from paramountplants
Italian cypress plant from sungardensinc
Italian cypress with shrub from landscapeplants.oregonstate
Italian cypress and brown exterior paint from south-florida-plant-guide
Italian cypress and bush from south-florida-plant-guide


We can choose lavender if we need low and sparsely-grown garden hedge plants. Lavender can produce beautiful purple flowers in the spring and defines sections or areas in your garden. Lavender flowers smell wonderful and can be harvested. Try to hang them in a cool space at home. 

Lavender herb garden design from designtrends
White fence and lavender from gardenzeus
Lavender and green grass from homeguides.sfgate
Lavender hedge from sublimegardendesign
Box hedge and lavender planting
Lavender border from housebeautiful

Lantana Camara

Looking forward to adding some colours to your Mediterranean-inspired garden? Colourful garden hedge plants such as Lantana Camara can be an option, as it comes in various colours and doesn’t need a lot of trimming maintenance. Try to arrange these flowers by overlapping the colours to create a unique look to your garden.

Red and yellow lantana camara from deserthorizonnursery
Lantana camara plant from wateruseitwisely
Lantana camara fence from thesmartergardener
Lantana camara terracotta pot from homestratosphere
Colorful lantana camara from toptropicals

We can also add other Mediterranean garden elements along with our garden hedge plants to make the theme more cohesive, such as terracotta pots and containers, Mediterranean tiles, gravel floor, pebbles, cobbles, and many other elements. Be sure to have fun experimenting. 

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