A hanging planter may be one of the standard pieces for either indoor or outdoor decorations, because it’s easy to set up and definitely enhances your house’s look and feel. If you want to give a unique look to your outdoor hanging planters, we have a few simple ideas to try that definitely give a different experience. Be ready; you won’t look at hanging planters the same way again. Check them out.

Used Car Tires Hanging Planters

As the first outdoor hanging planters idea, you can utilise unused car tires. You can paint the car tires with colours or patterns to make them look more appealing. Once it’s done, you can hang the tires with hooks on the wall, ceilings or a tree using a rope to form a swing-like hanging planter, but fill it with colourful flowers.

Hanging planter from renoguide
Tire flower wreath from renoguide
Cactus hanging planter from upcycled-wonders
Tosca tire hanging planter from creativegreenliving
Old tires hanging container from upcycled-wonders
Wall tire planter frkom autowise

Bucket-in-a-Frame Hanging Planters

If you have an old, unused picture frame and a bucket lying around, you can try this outdoor hanging planters idea. First, you want to drill a hole at the centre top part of the frame to attach the bucket. Next, attach the bucket with wires or strings, and fill the bucket with plants of your choice. Finally, hang the frame.

White wooden frame from inhabitat

Chandelier Hanging Planters

An unused chandelier can make good outdoor hanging planters. What you need to do is a few modifications to its light bulb bases to hold pots. Once it’s done, you’ll have a unique hanging planter.

Blue chandelier planter from diyshowoff
Metal chandelier hanging planter from theownerbuildernetwork
Vintage chandelier planter from balconydecoration
Black chandelier and glass cup from balconydecoration
White chandelier and blue pot from balconydecoration
Black chandelier and pink pots from balconydecoration
Vintage gold chandelier planter from balconydecoration

Belt Hanging Planters

Belts can also serve as outdoor hanging planters. You can tie several unused belts together so they can act as hangers for your pots. This is one of the cheapest ways to build a unique hanger.

Webbing belt hanging planter from epicgardening

Vinyl Gutter Hanging Planters

Vinyl gutter can also make good outdoor hanging planters. Try to connect several of them with a string or wire in a vertical position, and give them some colours. Fill them up with your favourite plants. You can then hang them with a wire or string to ceilings or trees. You can also build a frame to hang them as an option.

Red gutter planter from allthingsthrifty
Hanging ceiling gutter planter from garden.lovetoknow
Hanging gutter pergola garden from theownerbuildernetwork
Gutter hanging planter from prettyinthepines
DIY gutter hanging planter from realitydaydream
Industrial gutter planter from domestically-speaking

So, it’s not very hard, is it? Practically, any unused objects can be made as good outdoor hanging planters, as long as you take pleasure in experimenting with various objects.

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