People generally use the basement as a place to store unused items, and therefore this area tends not to receive much love. Rather than let it becomes a dark, unused space, why don’t we tweak it a little and turn the unloved space into a beautiful and functional room. Not only it will add value to your home design, but it can also give you a little extra income. Here are some basement design ideas you can try to add value to your home.

Stunning Basement Bar

Bring out your inner bartender by creating a stunning and modern bar in your basement. An in-home bar can be a great idea, especially if you are often inviting people for a hangout session in your home. Adding some stools for your guest to sit and to make it more similar to the usual bar. This way, you can host a small party here in your own basement.

Stone wall and iron from decoist
White chair from decoist

Basement Studio Apartment

If you want some additional income for your household, you can always turn your basement into a studio apartment and rent them! Just make sure that your basement has some access to natural light and then you can decorate the interior with warm color and add some furniture in it.

Shades white and natural light from apartmenttherapy
Studio Bedroom Basement from morningchores
White shades and large windows from housebeautiful

Home Office

If you are working from home and do not have separate space for work, why don’t you turn your basement into your own working space? Use a darker hue of blue for a calming and mature feel which will help you focus during your work. Don’t forget to add a wooden desk and a comfortable chair so that you can work comfortably in this space. You can always add multiple textures to give your home office a high-end and modern look.

Marble countertops from bobvila
Corner wooden table from thand.info
Dark grey home office from thand.info

A basement doesn’t have to be a dark and dusty storage room. There are many possibilities of how you can turn the basement into a beautiful space that can add more value to your home. The great thing about decorating the basement is you don’t have to arrange everything perfectly, so you can have more fun in decorating this space.



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