You don’t have to keep buying new furniture to replace the old ones. Repurposing them is a great way to freshen up the look of your house without having to spend more money to buy new decoration items. If you have some unused pallet lying around in your house, you can turn them into furniture or other decoration items. Here are some ideas you can try to build pallet furniture.

A comfortable corner sofa

This idea is perfect if you have more than a few pallets around and in need of a place to relax. It is also quite simple to make as you only need to fix a few pallets together. Don’t forget to add extra pallet for the back panel. You can add some cushion for extra comfort so you can unwind in this comfortable corner sofa.

Black pallet corner sofa from architectureartdesigns
Wooden pallets sofa and purple cushions from architectureartdesigns
Tribal patterned pillow from architectureartdesigns
Purple chusions fromarchitectureartdesigns
White wooden pallet from architectureartdesigns
Monocrhome corner pallet sofa from architectureartdesigns
Wooden pallet and black pillow from architectureartdesigns
Colorful pillow from 1o1pallets
Patio corner pallet sofa from 1o1pallets
Black pallet sofa patio from 1o1pallets

A mini garden bars

It is a lovely idea to have a garden bar where you can enjoy a glass of cocktail with your family and friends. Realize your dream by building your garden bar using five pallets. Build a box out of these pallets to create a small wooden table that serves as a minibar. To enhance the tropical feel of your garden bar, you can paint it in any tropical tones you like. Or you can also leave it as it is for a more rustic and classic look.

DIY white bar from thesawguy
White small bar from thesawguy
Reclaimed mini bar from thesawguy
Natural pallet bar from recycledpalletsideas
Monochromatic mini bar from recycledpalletsideas
DIY small bar from recycledpalletsideas
Grey mini bar from recycledpalletsideas

A beautiful planter

Last but not least, you can use a pallet to enhance the look of your garden. Turn your old and unused pallet into a vertical planter to hold your herbs or small flower shrubs. What you need to do is attach some wooden planks underneath the horizontal struts. This way, you will have space where you can plant your small herbs. It is beautiful and will save some space too.

Vertical pallet planter from 1001gardens
Reclaimed pallet planter from gardentherapy
Grey pallet planter from gardentherapy
Vegetable pallet planter from gardentherapy
Pallet herb garden from onekindesign
Colorful pallet planter from onekindesign
Red wood pallet planter from onekindesign

Those are three simple and creative ideas of how you can build pallet furniture. It is cheap yet can add value to your house with a simple tweak. All you need to do is unleash your creativity and imagination to build beautiful furniture using a pallet.

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