How does a modern rustic decor look like? For a start, you can use a repurposed wooden accent, and layered-texture gives traditional touches. Install modern lighting, simple furniture, and greenery to keep it chic and modern.

As a visualization, here are 3 modern rustic décor inspirations to prove that your small home can be transformed into a relaxing cabin for a long, relaxing weekend vibe.

1. Modern Rustic Living Room

A freestanding tall bookshelf, wooden side table, and a vintage wooden chair are the hallmarks of this design. The patterned rug combined with abstract-looking painting spices the room even more with both tradition and modernity. This cozy living room is perfect for leisure time in the evening, either with a book or a glass of wine.

Amazing modern rustic living room with a wooden freestanding tall bookshelf, stone fireplace, grey sofa, large windows, and a wooden table.
Awesome modern rustic living room with the white theme, wooden white freestanding tall bookshelf, wooden white fireplace, white sofa, wooden vinyl floor.
A unique modern rural room with a white theme, a neat, free-standing white wooden bookshelf, white sofa, white wood table, patterned carpets, and floor lamps.
Adorable modern rustic living room in white theme, wooden white freestanding tall bookshelf, patterned carpets, patterned sofa, wooden table, and large windows.

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2. Blue Modern Rustic Bedroom

Create the look of a comfortable and simple bedroom with a rearranged dark blue wall and wooden ceiling. Large windows that face outward provide fresh air to your room and make it more ancient. Complete the appearance by adding clean white and gray sheets to keep them neat and comfortable.

Affordable blue modern rustic bedroom with blue wall, patterned carpets, wooden sleeping boards, classic lamps, and big windows.
The rustic touch here applied to the headboard in blue color. Then the floor and even the planter are really rustic.
A clean and airy room combines a modern bed frame with sharp wooden walls. Then, the rustic touch is applied to the floor.
Rustic decoration with a stunning dark blue wall will be the perfect backdrop for the brown and blue colors used throughout the room.
Stunning dark blue walls are the perfect background for your bedroom. Hence, the wood will give a rustic touch.

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3. Modern Rustic Bathroom with Wood Planks

You can achieve both rustic yet contemporary bathroom with this installation. The traditional aspects such as wooden windows and wood planks encasing the bathtub give a natural touch. Meanwhile, the overall look is kept simple and sleek with all-white walls. Put greenery on the side of the bathtub to freshen the space.

Find yourself in a more earthy room using neutral colors, like in this bathroom. Wooden glass windows, wooden furniture that gives a touch of modern rustic to this elegant bathroom.
Distressed wood floors, cute pastel blue flower wallpapers, roman tones, and a stand-alone white bathtub give you all the modern rustic atmosphere you’ll need in this bathroom.
They evoke a modern rural lifestyle that is a great space saver no matter where you live. Use wood flooring and wooden benches of this type as decorated powder rooms to maintain a rustic theme or hide a sleek modern bathroom.
When decorating in modern rustic style, remember to bring in all the elements. The mix of stone, wood, and metal in this bathroom, together with the plants, gives it a serene, temple-like feel.

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This stunning metal vessel sink is a beautiful complement to the stone walls and wood vanity. Put greenery on the side of the bathtub to freshen the space.
Look at the wood wall on one side of the bathroom which is really rustic. It is even more appropriate with the fireplace.
This modern bathroom is shared with Airows, rural elements such as wooden walls, wooden floors, vintage lighting, and a touch of splendid touch in it.
Paired with a natural stone wall and an earth-tone color palette, this shower may just be the perfect finishing touch for your rustic room decor.
The wood walls around this bathroom look really warm and rustic. The combination of the modern flooring also matches well as it has the sleek look.
Plank walls are one of the ways to add a rustic vibe to the bathroom. Whether you choose to add just one accent wall or do the same for all walls, you will give the bathroom a warm and cozy look.
The wall of the board can immediately become a focal point to leave it plain or decorate it with a mirror or maybe some decorative objects.
You can reach a rustic yet contemporary bathroom by using these traditional aspects such as wooden windows and wooden boards enclosing a bathtub or wall to give the natural touch.

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Living in the heart of the city can be stressing at times. Tired of the noises and bustles of the city, you dream of throwing and leaving everything behind and move to a cozy and serene rustic cabin. Some people think that it is impossible. You can still bring a rustic look in your modern home without having to step out with these modern rustic décor.

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