When it comes to homes, everyone is so busy taking care of rooms, doors, rugs, and laundry that they forget about windows. Yes!! You heard it right. It’s like everyone believes having the best lawn, best brick, or the front porch makes a home stand out from the rest. 

Little do they know that the deciding component is not any of them but the windows. In fact, according to the experts, after location, it’s the light that counts when buyers look for their dream home. 

Undoubtedly, windows are the part that let’s sunshine in. So, cleaning windows is a must-have when it comes to listing home improvement projects. But if you are still not convinced, here are some reasons that confirm the importance of cleaned windows.

Cleaned Windows Improve The Overall Aesthetics of Your Home

Windows usually come second when thinking about perfecting the view of your home. But clear windows have a great impact if you want to enjoy a crystal clean home. 

Imagine looking through a dirty window. Wouldn’t it feel unpleasant? Like we give special attention to windows when washing cars, home windows are no different. Let me ask you one thing, “Would you like to gaze through a dirty window?” If the answer is “NO,” then now is the Time to start thinking about cleaning windows.

Uncleaned Windows Can Trigger Health Problems 

Dust and dirt increase the growth of allergens in the vicinity. That further instigates issues like allergic reactions, skin issues, or respiratory problems. Contrary to that, if you keep your windows cleaned regularly, not only will you remove dirt. You will ensure to avoid allergens that cause health problems. 

Further, dirty windows don’t allow sunlight to seep in. So, you don’t let yourself get the much-needed Vitamin D. Therefore, it’s good to keep your windows clean and expose your skin to the natural sunlight. 

Cleaned Windows Increases The Value of Your Home

Buying a home is an investment. And if you are thinking of selling it off, many factors would count in making a home desirable. And clean windows boost your home’s curb appeal. 

In fact, cleaned windows hold the #1 spot when it comes to the presale home improvement checklist. That’s why it’s important to find clues on What should you use to clean windows?, rather than worrying about why you should do it. Remember, it’s about getting spotless, streak-free windows. 

Otherwise, you will end up causing more harm than good. 

Uncleaned Windows Accelerate Degradation

While movies might make you think, “it takes a punch” to break windows. Ideally, if you don’t maintain your windows regularly, the risk of etching increases. 

While etching is an excellent thing if you are into art, but for home windows, it’s equally disastrous. Not maintaining or cleaning windows will make it even more fragile than it already is. 


If you want to boost the home’s appearance while preserving the value, window cleaning is an essential step to achieve that. That’s the only way to maintain an attractive home, physically and biologically.

As they say, “A clean home is equivalent to a happy home.” On top of that, having a clean window is allowing yourself to shine in the bright light.

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