20 winter wreath references you can have this year

Changing the decoration each season will be a little bit exhausting, sometimes. However, you still have to do it if you want to bring season spirit to your home. Talking about winter decoration, if you want to make the simple things that matter a lot, you can simply make the winter wreath. Since wreath can be proper to be applied to any part of your home, then it is really recommended. Here are kinds of wreaths that possible to make for your winter decoration.

20 winter wreath references you can have this year xx

Evergreen Wreath

Evergreen will always be connected with the winter season and used in almost any home to beautify their winter decoration. Then here, using the evergreen is a must for you. Combine it with berries or other fruits for a fresh impression. Or, you can use pinecone and twig for the rustic impression. Simply adjust the additional materials based on your needs.

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The evergreen added with red and green fruits looks really fresh for your front door wreath. Front Door Wreath from Homedit


The hanging evergreen wreaths with red ribbons on your window looks simple and beautiful. Windows Wreaths from Homedit


Hanging three spruce wreaths on the stairs will make your winter decor look perfect. Staircase Wreaths from Superhitideas


Decorating your kitchen cabinets with evergreen wreaths hung in the red and white plaid ribbon will give a fresh winter look. Cabinet Wreaths from Curatedinterior


Cooker hood with evergreen wreath will make your kitchen decor look more beautiful. Cooker Hood Wreath from Curatedinterior


Hanging the evergreen wreath on the back of your kitchen chair will make your winter decoration look stunning. Chairs Wreaths from Curatedinterior


DIY Evergreen wreath hanging on the wall in such a big size makes your home looks awesome and stand out. Wall Wreath from Midwestliving

Pom Pom Wreath

Pom pom is cute and can be the choice for your winter wreath materials. The white pom pom might be the most matching one with the season but you can surely use other colors. Then, to make your colorful wreath looks harmonious with the season, you can add it with additional accessories that have the winter touches.


The hanging colorful pom pom wreath on the wall with the jingle bell and tassel will make your winter decorations more festive. Colorful Pom Pom Wreath from Digsdigs


Using white and red pom pom wreath for your winter decoration looks attractive. White and Red Pom Pom Wreath from Digsdigs


Green and Red pom pom wreath hanging on the window looks simple but still attractive. Pom Pom Wreath from Digsdigs


Pink pom pom wreath with snowflake ornament will bring a cute look to your winter decoration. Pink Pom Pom Wreath from Digsdigs


White Pom Pom wreath with ribbon hanging on the door looks clean and beautiful. White Pom Pom Wreath from Modern Glam


Decorating your front door with colorful pom pom wreath will make your winter decorations more cheerful. Colorful Pom Pom Wreath from Designertrapped

Snowy Wreath

You will never fail with the snowy things in making the winter decoration including for the wreath. Make some winter wreath by adding the snowy effect that can be made by using powder, sugar, or cotton.


Hanging this snowy wreath to your window is such a great idea since it will match well with the scenery outside. Make it by using the evergreen and sprinkle it with white powder for the snowy effect. Evergreen Snowy Wreath from Paintyourselfasmile


You can decorate the front door with snowy wreath as it will make your winter decorations even more perfect. Magical Forest Snowy Wreath from Goodhousekeeping


Snowy wreath hanging on the front door will give a real winter look. You can use Pine cones and Evergreen sprinkled with white powder so that it looks snowy. Pine Cone Snowy wreath from Countryliving


Decorating your walls with green wreath sprinkled with white salt will look like snow and give a real winter look. Green Snowy Wreath from Hgtv


The evergreen wreath which is equipped with cars and artificial snow sprinkles will look beautiful and are perfect for your winter decoration idea. DIY Evergreen Snowy Wreath from Brightercraft


A wreath filled with trees and a car looks simple and attractive. You can sprinkle it with cotton so it will resemble snow and make your winter decorations more real. DIY Snowy Wreath from Brightercraft


Rustic snowy wreath made of twigs and tree ornaments will add a warm look in winter. Rustic Snowy Wreath from brightercraft

After all of our winter wreath references above, which one that you will choose for your house? Express your creativity and get such a perfect winter decoration on low budgeting.



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