30 winter decoration for your small apartment

Some of you might be confused about how to decorate your small space in an effective way and on a low budget. Whereas, you need to improve your apartment decoration this winter since you need to make your occupancy feels comfortable related to the weather. Also, it will be functional to be your Christmas decoration as well. There are some things that you should consider to decorate your small apartment as follow.

30 winter decoration for your small apartment5



Ornament is something important that has a purpose to beautify your apartment. Since the space is not wide, then you should find the right ornament that won’t make your apartment looks narrow and crowded. Here are some examples of the proper ornament for your small winter apartment.


A large Christmas tree with red balls will make your winter decorations look festive. White and Red Christmas Tree from Interiordesignexplained.


DIY Star ornament with fairy lights will be an interesting lighting idea in your decor. Star Lighting Ornament from Interiordesignexplained.


A tiered wooden tray with mini trees and snowflakes will enhance your winter kitchen decor. Tiered Wooden Tray from Curatedinterior.


DIY Christmas Trees made of white yarn for winter mantel decoration looks clean and bright. Yarn Christmas Tree from Curatedinterior.


Unadorned evergreen wreath for your winter decoration will look simple but stay fresh. Evergreen Wreath from Followtheyellowbrickhome.


Centerpiece with a pine cone and Reindeer ornament will be the winter focal point in your living room. Winter Centerpiece from Followtheyellowbrickhome.


An evergreen Christmas tree with a sprinkling of white powder that resembles snow will make your winter apartment decor even more real. Christmas Tree from Designrulz.


Decorating your winter centerpiece with a mini Christmas tree and reindeer ornaments will make it look festive and attractive. Mini Christmas Tree Centerpiece from Essentialhome.


A corner Christmas tree with string lights and ball looks festive and will make your winter delightful. Corner Christmas Tree from Essentialhome.


DIY Evergreen Wreath with ribbon hanging on the wall will enhance your winter decor and can be inspiring. DIY Evergreen Wreath from Digsdigs.


You can use garland pine cones and pom poms to decorate your winter coat so it will look more alive. Mantel Garland from Digsdigs.


Decorating your wall with cotton wreaths will bring a clean and bright look to your winter apartment. Cotton Wreath from Digsdigs.


The evergreen centerpiece with the star ornament on it looks more beautiful and attractive. Evergreen Centerpiece from Digsdigs.


Snowy Jar vase filled with branches and evergreen leaves is an interesting idea. Placing it next to the window is the right choice because it suits the outside atmosphere. Snowy Jar Vase from Awonderfulthought.


Pasting snowflake ornaments made of paper on the wall will make your winter decorations look pretty in an easy way. Paper Snowflakes from Awonderfulthought.

Additional Accessories

Additional accessories commonly used to add comfort to your decoration during winter. It will cover the throw pillow or cushion, throw blanket, rug, and more. To support the warm feeling that you’ll need during winter, here are some examples of the perfect ones.


Completing your sofa with cushions will create perfect comfort in your apartment. Cushions from Digsdigs.


A thick blanket to complement your apartment bedroom will protect you from the cold in winter. Thick Blanket from Digsdigs.


Chunky knit blankets are the perfect choice to compliment your winter bedroom. Because it has enough thickness and can keep you warm in winter. Chunky Knit Blanket from Onekindesign.


Layered Blanket in your apartment bedroom will provide warmth and make you more comfortable in winter. Layered Blanket from Onekindesign.


Apartment living room which is furnished with blankets, carpets and cushions will create the perfect warmth in winter and make you more comfortable. Winter Living Room from Curatedinterior.


The white carpet to complement your living room decor will provide warmth through the foot when you step on it. White Carpet from Spaceoptimized.


To create the perfect warmth in the bedroom, you can use a layered blanket so that it will make your winter pass comfortably. Layered Blanket from Spaceoptimized.


Using a patterned rug will bring perfect beauty and warmth to the living room of your apartment. Pattered Carpet from Apartmenttherapy.


Jute rugs will provide warmth with a farmhouse touch that is perfect in your winter apartment living room. Jute Carpet from Hadleycourt.


Throw fur blankets and cushions are a great idea for winter decor. Because it has a soft texture and can be warm. Throw fur Blanket from Hadleycourt.


Placing a Chunky Blanket in your winter bedroom is a great idea as it will provide the perfect warmth. Knit Blanket from Makingyourhomebeautiful.


Throw fur blanket is one of the right choices for your winter decoration. A patterned rug will warm your feet and make you more comfortable. Throw Fur Blanket from Makingyourhomebeautiful.


Completing the living room with blankets and cushions will create perfect comfort when you relax there. Throw Chunky Blanket from Thespruce.


Wide fur rug will protect your feet from the cold so you will still feel warm and comfortable. Wide Fur Rug from Inspiredetail.


The white carpet will make your winter decor look even more perfect. Throw blanket and cushion will provide comfort for you. White Carpet from Inspiredetail.

Concerning on the ornament and the accessories for your small apartment decoration will be enough. Since the space is not wide enough, then adding some furniture is not effective. Also, purchasing the new ones will need much budget. To have the winter touches, you can simply decorate your furniture with the proper ornament and accessories. Go get your winter decoration project now!

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