Pretty magical christmas fairy light ideas

Make your Christmas decoration looks magical with the fairy light. You can make it with the DIY project so that you can adjust the design based on your taste. Also, you can create fairy light by using the materials that you have in your home so that you can get the cheap ones and also being productive by utilizing the used stuff to have more value. The example of the materials here are the mason jar, old glass, vase, your old accessories, or even the evergreen that you can get outside.

25 pretty magical christmas fairy light ideas 1

Basically, there are so many lighting choices that you can have, but here we do recommend you to choose fairy lighting because it looks really awesome with the light that comes from the tiny lamp here and there just like fireflies. Especially when you combine it with other materials or giving the concept of fairy lighting so that the light can have its best performance. We have some ideas here to be adapted which are easy and possible to make with DIY projects. Hope you will love it!

6 fairy-lights-pine-cones-and-small-christmas-ornaments

Fairy Light in the glass looks beautiful and attractive for your Christmas decoration ideas. Equipping it with red balls and pine cones will make your decorations look more attractive. Fairy Light from Hikendip.

5 pretty-christmas-decorations

A glass cup filled with fairy light is ideal for your Christmas lighting ideas that look simple. Adding the red Christmas ball for decoration will look perfect. Glass Cup Fairy Light from Hikendip.

Gold Glass with yellow fairy light will provide soothing lighting. You can place it on top of the coat so it looks interesting and inspiring. Gold Glass Fairy Light from Decoraid.
2 15.-geomatric-lantern-decoration

Choosing lanterns for lighting idea is an interesting idea. You can complement the geometric lantern with a fairy light so that it will look more beautiful and stunning. Geometric Lantern from Christmas.365greetings.
2 16.-glass-jar-decoration

Fairy light in the glass domes will give a bright and very attractive appearance. You can place it on a bench so that it will become an interesting focal point. Fairy Light from Christmas.365greetings.

1 23-shadow-box

The wooden box decorated with Christmas trees and snowflakes looks amazing. Adding a fairy light will provide beautiful and inspiring lighting. Wooden Box Fairy Light from Diyncrafts.Kirkland-mason-jar-canister-set-decor-ideas-685x1024

A glass jar with fairy light is ideal for your Christmas lighting idea so it will look beautiful. Placing it on a tray and decorating it with pine cones and evergreens will make it look perfect. Glass Jar Fairy Light from Makinglemonadeblog.


Lanterns made of glass and metal look classic and attractive. You can use fairy lighting for lighting ideas so that it will give a beautiful look. Lantern Fairy Light from Makinglemonadeblog.


Fairy light will provide festive lighting and is perfect for Christmas decorations. You can put it in glass domes so it will look more beautiful. Glass Domes Fairy Light from Homebnc.


A glass vase with fairy light will be an interesting lighting idea for your Christmas celebration. Adding Christmas balls, pine cones and evergreens will give you the perfect winter look. Glass Vase Fairy Light from Apieceofrainbow.

3 diy-hanging-lamp-e1460533419638

DIY glass hanging lamp will be the perfect focal point for your Christmas decorations. You can use string lights to make them look stunning. DIY Glass Hanging Lamp from Homedesigns99.

3 party-string-light-lamp-e1460533506696

You can use fairy light for your Christmas lighting idea so it will look festive. Using a gingerbread house lantern will look more perfect. Christmas Lighting from Homedesigns99.3 string-light-in-jar-e1460533375473

Using an old glass jar for your Christmas lighting idea is an interesting idea that will make it even more useful. You can put the fairy light in the glass jar so it will give beautiful lighting in an easy way. Glass Jar Fairy Light from Homedesigns99.

3 string-light-lamps-e1460533352191

Reusing used light bulbs for Christmas lighting ideas is a creative idea. You can put a fairy light in this bulb’s lamp and it will look unique. Bulbs Fairy Light from Homedesigns99.

4 holiday-lanterns-11-the-art-in-life

Black lantern with fairy light and the electric candle will provide perfect lighting for the Christmas celebration. You can add red and gold Christmas balls so they will look better. Black Lantern Fairy Light from Theartinlife.


Fairy light on the glass jar will bring out bright and beautiful lighting. Placing it on a wooden bench and complementing it with an evergreen will present a refreshing natural look. Fairy Light from Theeverygirl.

7 easy-christmas-centerpiece

Filling a glass vase with pine cones, berries and cinnamon look attractive. Adding a fairy light will provide lighting that looks stunning but still simple. Glass Vase Lighting from Hikendip.7 large-vase-filled-with-pinecones-and-christmas-lights

Fairy light in the long glass vase looks elegant for your Christmas lighting ideas. Adding pine cones will present a simple rustic appearance and still look attractive. Long Glass Vase Lighting from Hikendip.

7 pinecone-christmas-centerpiece

Three glass vases containing pine cones look simple with a natural rustic touch. Adding a fairy light will present the perfect lighting and is perfect for your Christmas decorations. Glass Vase with Fairy Light from Hikendip.

7 vase-with-fake-snow-white-reindeer-silver-trees-branches-and-white-pearl-decorations

White fairy light in the glass will provide perfect lighting and make your home look brighter. Adding a reindeer ornament will create a silhouette that looks stunning. White Fairy Light from Hikendip.

8 christmas-reindeer-and-forest-in-a-jar

A snowy glass jar with reindeer and tree ornament will present an attractive appearance. You can add white fairy light so that it will become a beautiful lighting idea. Snowy Glass Jar Lighting from Hikendip.

9 fish-bowl-santa-decor

Fishbowl fairy lighting looks bright for your Christmas lighting idea. Adding Santa and snow globe ornaments will rock your Christmas decorations so they look stunning. Fishbowl Fairy Light from Hikendip.

9 green-and-white-christmas-vignette

Fairy light in glass jars looks simple but still beautiful for your Christmas lighting ideas. Adding green balls made of moss will present a fresh and natural look. Fairy Light in Glass Jar from Hikendip. (1)

Choosing a fairy light for your Christmas lighting idea is an interesting idea. You can place it in a glass jar and add some white pebbles so it will look beautiful and attractive. Glass Fairy Light from Collegefashion.


Glass lanterns with gold frames look classy and elegant for your Christmas decoration ideas. Using fairy light will bring beautiful and soothing lighting. Glass Lantern from Keystoinspiration.

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