10 diy projects you can do for your on-budget christmas decoration

Doing the DIY projects for your Christmas decoration is such a great idea that can be a productive thing to do during your holiday. You can even do it with your kids so that they can feel the Christmas spirit way better since they play the role to prepare for the celebration. Here we have 10 projects that you can adapt which will be on budget, easy, and possible to do with your kids.

10 diy projects you can do for your on-budget christmas decoration5

Pine Cone Ornament


A wreath is a simple ornament that is suitable for your Christmas decorations. DIY Wreath made of the pine cone that hung with white ribbon looks attractive. You can splash it with white paint color a little bit so it will look like snow and match the current season. Pine Cone Wreath from Howtomakeaburlapwreath.

Mason Jar Lighting


Lighting is a must-have item in your Christmas decorations. The fairy light in the mason jar looks simple but will give a beautiful and attractive appearance. You can place it on a tray and decorate it with pine cones and evergreens to make it look more perfect. Mason Jar Fairy Lighting from Makinglemonadeblog.

String Light Christmas Tree


Decorating your wall with a Christmas tree will be the perfect focal point for a Christmas celebration. You can make a Christmas tree using string lights so that it will give the lighting an interesting look. Adding colorful Christmas balls and star accents on them will make your Christmas tree look stunning. DIY String Light Christmas Tree from Digsdigs.

Candy Cane Christmas Tree


DIY Christmas tree made of evergreens looks natural and fresh at Christmas celebration. You can hang the candy cane and striped Christmas balls ornament on the Christmas tree to make it look more complete. Adding a red ribbon will compliment your Christmas tree decoration so it looks more perfect. Candy Cane Christmas Tree from Southernliving.

Ginger Bread Ornament


Decorating your outdoor is one of the perfect ways to celebrate Christmas celebrations. DIY gingerbread made of chalkboard looks perfect but in an easy and cheap way. You can place it in the front yard so that it will provide its own attraction and can inspire others. Chalkboard Gingerbread from Familyholiday.



DIY Snowflake made of ice cream sticks looks great but in an easy way. You can decorate it with white buttons so that it will look more perfect. Hanging it on the Christmas tree will make your Christmas tree decorations look more perfect and festive. Sticks Snowflake from Acultivatednest.

Snowy Window Ornament


Decorating your windows with evergreens will make your Christmas decorations look fresher. Adding Christmas gifts and red ribbons will make your window decorations for your Christmas celebration look festive. The sprinkling of white powder looks perfect so it will feel like snow. Snowy Window from Digsdigs.

Evergreen Craft


Making crafts is one of the interesting ideas for Christmas decorations according to your budget. DIY wreath made from evergreens with Christmas balls and pine cone is easy to make but still looks perfect. Hanging it in your kitchen cabinet will be a focal point that looks fresh and can inspire everyone who sees it. Evergreen Wreath from Countryliving

Snowman Ornament


Snowman is one of the ornaments that will perfect your Christmas decorations. DIY snowman made of painted wood and decorated with ribbons looks beautiful. You can place it on the table and add pine cones and evergreens around it to make it look more attractive. Wooden Slice Snowman from Hative.

Santa Figure


Santa made of wooden logs will give the perfect farmhouse look to your Christmas decorations. You can make three Santas then tie them with red ribbons and put them outdoor so that it will make your garden look attractive. Wooden Santa from Diyandcraftsmag.


Doing a DIY project is one of the right ways for Christmas decorations according to your budget. All of those 10 ideas can really represent your needs in having cheap decoration. Then, don’t wait too long, prepare your materials now and do the DIY projects. Have fun!



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