While moving to another place or even tidying up your house by removing useless items, storage units come in handy. They offer both long-term and short-term solutions to keep your belongings safe and sound. Relocation and renovation would be incredibly challenging without the availability of extra storage spaces. However, just like all other services, you should consider a few things before renting storage space. Otherwise, your prized possessions might be permanently damaged. In a worse situation, items can even get stolen from storage units if you don’t choose one correctly.

So, here are five things that you should certainly keep in mind before renting a storage space to help you select the best one out there.


When selecting a storage unit, you should ask yourself what you’re about to store in the area and how much space you need. Every living space has different requirements due to different types of belongings. Smaller storage spaces fit well with small or fewer items, while large units are for oversized items such as furniture. However, if you don’t choose a storage space appropriately, you will be harming your belongings and waste money. Thus, it would be best to find a self storage facility that can accommodate all kinds of stuff. It should be able to provide a wide range of sizes that are appropriate for your belongings.


Security is of immense importance when it comes to renting a storage space. Storage units are a major attraction for burglars as they contain valuable belongings of many people in a large quantity. We’re not trying to scare you. But, you’ll need to be very careful when choosing a facility. The best way to select a safe storage space is to visit and check its security thoroughly. Barbed wires and secure fencing are a good indication of proper protection. However, it would be best if you also kept an eye out for security guards and cameras. Furthermore, you can check what type of locks they use for the storage spaces and make sure they’re not easily breakable.


Accessibility is critical, especially when you’re moving homes or relocating to a new city. There’s already a lot of work to do, and you don’t want to further increase it by selecting an inaccessible self-storage facility. Consider your location and its proximity to the storage facility before renting it. If you’re looking forward to visiting the storage unit frequently, then it should be as close to you as it can be. This way, you won’t have to drive long distances often to retrieve something.

However, storage units that are farther away from urban areas are comparatively cheaper. So, they’re the best solution if you want to save some money for long term storage. Moreover, you can check the crime rates around the area and select the safest option to reduce the risk of robberies.

Overall Condition Of The Storage Space

It’s also a good idea to check if the storage space’s physical condition is up to the mark or not. A poorly maintained storage space can significantly harm your belongings. Dirt can make its way into any room through cracks and crevices and ruin your stuff. So, make sure that the storage facility cleans the area from time to time and has a good air purification system. Maintenance of doors, roofs, and locks is also essential, as the security of your items depends on it. If you see any signs of a poorly maintained storage space, such as cracks in walls, loose doors, and dirt, then it’s best to avoid renting it.

Furthermore, there should also be effective pest control, as insects and other animals such as mice can permanently ruin your items. If you’re storing your items for a long time, then it’s best to ensure the availability of climate control, as the temperature can also cause damage. For example, if the climate conditions are humid, t can cause mold to grow on your items while things made of iron can start to rust. 

Look For Reviews

It’s not possible to check everything by yourself; some things are only known through experience. However, you can’t compromise your belongings’ safety just to check how good the self-storage facility is. Therefore, it’s best to read a few reviews of previous clients to get a better insight into the quality of the storage space. Consequently, you will be able to guarantee a reliable and reputable self-storage facility for your items. 


Selecting a storage space facility in haste without considering the points mentioned earlier can lead to problems regarding your belongings’ safety. Be patient in finding yourself the best option, and select one after thorough research. You will save both money and time in the long run.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

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