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Are your home walls looking dirty, and the paint is wearing off from the edges? Well, that means it’s time to refresh your home with vibrant colors. Easy it may seem, but painting your home walls is indeed a difficult task. Although you might do a decent job, a seasoned professional does an excellent job with no streak marks and clean finishing. 

Of course, getting a professional to repaint your house is expensive. Especially now, when we are tight on our budgets. That’s why painting is a skill that you should learn as it will facilitate you over the years. You can either take the time to learn it with proper steps. Or you can learn a few smart techniques and tricks to make the task easier for you.


Here are the seven pro tips for repainting your home walls: 

  • Remove Everything From The Room

Take the time to protect your belongings before starting to paint. While you can push everything in the center and cover them up, we think taking them out is a better option. The hassle of moving everything hither and thither does more bad than good. You risk the furniture, but if it rubs against the walls, your new paint also ruins. These days you can easily rent storage units to keep your possessions safe. Moving your furniture and other belongings to a storage facility will keep them safe until you finish repainting your house. 

  • Follow The Proper Order

Ever noticed the order professional painters religiously follow while painting a room? They paint the trims first, then the ceiling, and lastly, the walls. They do so because taping off the trim is faster and easier than taping off the wall. Once the trim is completely painted and dry, you can continue painting. And if the trim or ceiling paint gets onto the wall, you can cover it afterward while painting the walls. 

  • Wait For The Right Weather 

As the saying goes, there is a right time for everything. And a good time for repainting your walls is dry weather. It promotes drying so you can finish faster. On the other hand, humidity slows drying. So you can take your time and correct your errors before moving on to the second coat. Just be sure not to overwork. Otherwise, it will show. 

  • Prep Your Home Walls

An essential part of any paint job is the preparation. Take the time to inspect the wall and ceiling thoroughly. The cracked, flaking or peeling paint needs sanding before the new paint coat can go over it. If you don’t do it, the fresh paint’s weight will pull it loose, wasting both your time and money. The duct tape test is also an excellent way to know whether the color will hold or not. Once you have scraped and sanded all cracks, use a tack cloth to remove the dust and debris. 

  • Buy High-Quality Supplies

It is essential to buy high-quality paint brushes, roller covers, and premium, long-lasting paints. Low-quality supplies are more hassle than help. For example, low-quality brushes often leave streaks behind, and cheap roller covers may embed lint in color. Using such products leave you with uneven walls that are difficult to correct. 

  • Maintain A Wet Edge

Maintaining a wet edge while painting with a roller helps avoid overlap marks. It is an important technique to get professional results. Start from one corner, then do the rest of the wall. Run the roller up and down the entire length of the wall. Make sure that each stroke overlaps with the previous while the paint is still dry. Move fast as products like latex paints dry in less than a minute.

  • Properly Clean And Store Your Tools

Your paintbrushes and roller covers are the most important tools while repainting your home. Clean and store them properly to avoid buying new ones every time you decide to paint. Wash the paintbrushes with mild soap and warm water. Then put it under a faucet and comb the bristles with a metal brush comb. Once clean, hold the handle between your hands and spin out excess water. Lastly, please put it back in its original packaging to maintain its shape.



Regardless of your experience, if you follow the tips mentioned above thoroughly, the result will come out looking like a true professional’s work. That will not only save you money by completing the task yourself, but the refreshing color will make your home look luxurious look and elegant.

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