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Bathroom time can be difficult if you have little kids. They can be overexcited or instead won’t even step to the bathroom. If the case is later, then you should do something with the bathroom so they can perceive it as a fun experience. For example, you change the shower curtains into something that they’ll like. 

Since kids usually love colorful things, here are colorful fall shower curtains for kids’ bathrooms to inspire you.

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1. Cartoon Animal Fall Shower Curtain

Most kids love cartoons. They are cute, engaging, and just nice to look at. That is why this particular fall shower curtain has animal drawing on it. To welcome the fall, the animal used should be related to the season. In this cartoon animal shower curtain, there are deer, owls, rabbits,s, and hedgehogs. As falls are identic with the orange color, the mammals, birds, and trees are colored with various shades of orange and brown. If your kids like an animal, then they are going to love this shower curtain.

White bathroom curtain combined with yellow cat motif with handle and toothbrush tool.
The lazy koala animal motif combined with blue leaves and white shower curtain.
White children’s bathroom curtains applied with black cat animal motifs to make it look cute.
Blue shower curtain with a brown bear motif holding a gun and riding a large shark so it looks cool.

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2. Cartoon Flowers Fall Shower Curtain

Girls, however, might appreciate flowers more than animals. This fall shower curtain has a lot of flowers and plants. And this one has more variation in its colour. The background is pink, there are cartoon flowers with various shapes and colours, and it also has a pretty leaf that is not just painted in green. It almost like bringing the blooming plants to fall into your bathroom, isn’t it?

White bathroom curtains combined with green bamboo leaf motifs that make a fresh impression.
Brown bathroom curtain combined with colorful flowers that give beauty to your bathroom.
White bathroom curtain combined with small pink floral motif that looks stunning.
White bathroom curtain applied with white and pink flower motifs that made the room more beautiful.

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White bathroom curtain that added with an orange and pink flower motif that blooms and rise to a natural impression.

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3. DIY Ruffled Autumn Shower Curtain

This one you can make yourself. This autumn shower curtain is made of four different fabrics which you can choose on your own. It’s a good opportunity to take your kids out and let them choose some of the colours. You can have a fabric with a pink plant pattern, blue fabric with flower pattern, or just simple fabric like blue and white. It’s all up to your creativity. For the fall, however, you might want to choose at least two kinds of fabric that have flower or plants on it.   

Simple white bathroom curtain for decoration that looks elegant.

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Pink bathroom curtain combined with red flower motif, strawberry and other motifs.
Light gray bathroom curtain with a unique brown motif and looks very cool.
Colorful artificial bathroom curtains combined with motifs that have many unique variations when viewed.

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Ruffled DIY pink curtains that look cute in pink doormats that looks simple.
A messy DIY gray curtain that looks simple but has a cool decoration.
A messy DIY colorful curtain that combined with unique motifs and makes a charming impression.

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4. DIY Patchwork Shower Curtain 

Making a ruffled shower curtain is too hard? Well don’t worry, you can patch random fabric and make a cute shower curtain design. This shower curtain needs one big fabric for the base, and then you can patch it with other fabrics.

Patchwork DIY bathroom curtains combined with varied colors and patterned brown carpet.
DIY patchwork bathroom curtains combined with varied colors, motifs that looks vary of course.
DIY patchwork bathroom curtains combined with various colors and classic motifs that give a beautiful impression on the bathroom.
DIY patchwork bathroom curtains combined with various colors and motifs of birds and green plants that look stunning.

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Choosing a shower curtain that might add your kids’ interest to take a bath can be a challenge sometimes. Whether you plan to buy one or make one yourself, you can use these colourful fall shower curtains ideas for kids’ bathroom as reference.

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