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Spring is such a pretty and refreshing season where the blooming and fresh colorful stuff will dominate the look of almost the decoration. Although it is clear how to bring the spring touches to your spring home decoration, but some of you still confused about the application of the spring touches. To give you ease, here we will tell you some things that can be added to beautify your home during spring.

15 ways to beautify your home during spring 1

Adding the Floral Ornament

The floral ornament could be in any shape. The most common is the flower arrangement, but you can also have the flower petal ornament that can be used by simply spread it around. You can also have it in a wreath, garland, and even the decorative candle could also be presented with the blooming.


You can decorate the windows with garlands to enhance your spring décor so that it will look more beautiful. Making your own garland at home is an interesting idea. You can use flowers and leaves to make a garland which gives it a natural look and is perfect for spring decor. Flower Windows Garland from Craftberrybush.


Using candles for spring lighting ideas looks simple but still interesting. You can use a wine glass for the candle holder and decorate it with a flower on the bottom so that it will give a real, beautiful spring look. Decorative Candle Holder from Homebnc.


The colorful flower arrangement will complement your spring décor that making it looks more complete. You can use a glass jar vase and then fill it with water to make your flower arrangement more durable. Placing it on the dining table will be a centerpiece that looks refreshing. Colorful Flower Arrangement from Ideastand.


Flowers are one of the perfect ornaments to complement the spring decorations in your home. Making a wreath from white and pink tulips is an interesting idea. Then you can hang it on the front door using a patterned ribbon so it will look very beautiful. Pink and White Tulip Wreath from Funlovingfamilies.


A wreath made from old rustic tire holders will bring a rustic look to any spring decor. You can add blooming flowers in the center so that it will look more beautiful and suitable for your spring front door decoration. Old Tire Wreath from Funlovingfamilies.

Apply Some Floral Accessories

What meant with accessories here are the curtain, table runner, table cloth, additional throw blanket, or even the cushion cover. Finding the floral pattern will be the awesome one to create beautiful spring home decoration. Here are some examples of the floral accessories application that you can have.


Using floral accessories for your spring dining room decor is an option that will never fail. You can use flower tablecloths so that it will bring out a more beautiful look in spring. Placing the flower arrangement on the table will make your decorations look even more perfect. Floral Tablecloth from Goodhousekeeping.


Living room decoration in white shades will look bright and clean in the spring. You can use floral accessories in the form of floral cushions to bring the feel of spring to your living room so it will look more perfect. Floral Cushions from Idealhome.


Choosing to use floral accessories is the right choice for spring decoration in your home. Floral cushions will provide comfort and beauty together in your living room. Completing it with a floral curtain and table cloth will make your spring living room decor even more real. Floral Accessories from Idealhome.

1 gold-polka-dots-a-pink-bed-cover-some-floral-bedding-make-the-space-feel-very-spring-like

Carpet is one of the accessories that can provide warmth well through your feet. Choosing to use a floral carpet is the right choice for your spring decorations so that it will present a beautiful natural feel in your home. Floral Carpet from Digsdigs.


Completing your spring bedroom decor with floral bedding is a perfect idea so that it will look even more beautiful. You can complement it with a floral pillow so that it will suit the atmosphere outside and look even more perfect in spring. Floral Bedding from Digsdigs.

Giving Floral Furniture Touches

Since having the new furniture will be too expensive for a seasonal redecoration project, then you can simply give the touches to the furniture. For example, (in this case spring) you can add the floral chair pad, floral chair cover, floral sofa cover, and more. Look at how pretty and easy it could be on down below.


To save on spring decorating costs, you can add a floral touch to your dining room. Using floral covers for your dining chairs looks simple but will make your spring decorations even better. Floral Covered Chairs from Nimvo.


Using floral chair covers to decorate your dining room is an idea that will never fail. So that it will bring out a beautiful spring look in an easy and simple way. Adding a flower arrangement to the dining table will bring the perfect spring freshness to your dining room. Flower Chair Cover from Madebymood.


Adding a flower-patterned chair pad will bring a touch of spring to your furniture so that it looks perfect. You can use the flower pad with a different theme on each chair so that it will make it look more attractive. Floral Chair Pad from Magpiewedding.

3 dining-chair-slipcovers-ideas

Try giving a floral touch to the furniture to bring a beautiful spring feel to your home decor. Giving a floral cover to your chair will make it look more beautiful and suitable for your spring decoration idea. Floral Chair Cover from Shadowlightghosts.


Living room decoration with giving floral furniture touches looks perfect for spring. You can add a floral cover to your sofa so that it will make it look more beautiful in spring in an easy and cheap way. Floral Sofa Cover from Decosolitions.

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