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Just as an interior house design has various styles, a garden also has its own. One of the most inviting ones is the English garden. Though it looks a bit different from an American cottage garden, the English garden creates the same homey and comfortable feeling. 

If you want to style a beautiful English garden, these pointers might help.

1. Use Shrubs as Border

Lining shrubs with the same height add a bordering structure to the English garden. Often, the shrub works as a fence. Still, you can use garden fence décor ideas if you prefer other materials like wood or concrete. 

The evergreen border creates by using a variety of shrubs and perennials, with a variety of leaf colors and textures.

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Use the bush as a border with fast-growing, green, and tall shrubs, to obstruct your view. Moreover, creating an attractive line of sight for the plants can absorb the pollutants and noise.

This shrubs looks really adorable especially when you see it from teh top where the pink flowers exist.

image source

It’s perfect for the hedge that bordering your yard. Rows of thickly planted shrubs can be a great way to define borders and boundary lines.

image source

The fence is really neat, sleek and maintained well with the high border.

image source

2. Get a Matching Material from Your House

If your house uses exposed bricks, wood, or stones material, you may want to use it in the garden landscape. It creates unity. Thus, the garden would look like an extended part of the house, not a separate area. 

The path using the stone material and the garden would look like an extended part of the house, not a separate area.

Stone material will also proper to create the fence or garden divider. It is awesome if you have the rustic home decor.

Limiting your plants by using stone material that arranged well next to your house. This will make your friends or people who come to your home in awe.

Dividing your plants can also made by using the fence in old wood material that withstands in various seasons.

Limiting the plants using big stone materials that neatly arranged will add a really interesting design.

image source

3. Plant Perennials

An English garden takes up much on perennials. Sometimes, varied plantings can also add to the beauty of the garden. For example, plant bulbs and moss phlox to have the beauties in spring. Meanwhile, winter berries can add color under the snow. One of the most important features of the English garden is the rose. You can plant any variety of rose bush to get that “English” feeling. 

These beautiful roses have given people joy just by seeing them. With its different beauty, roses are universally known as a symbol of love and are the best way to enhance the design of your backyard.

Planting a rose garden can be the best way to improve the design of your front yard.

For gardening it’s good to know which type of rose is most suitable for you to plant. It is recommended to choose the right rose that will flourish with a little care.

What’s important is that the rose is easy to maintain. Here, through experience, you will be able to determine which is the best to grow for your English garden just like this big pink roses.

Choosing the best location for your rose garden is very important. It takes a lot of good sunlight in the morning because it helps evaporate water and avoid fungal diseases that are prone to roses.

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4. Use Garden Beds

An English garden is arranged in bushes. However, it is not that easy to maintain a well-lined bush or shrub. To deal with it, try to use garden beds instead. It keeps the plants contained, and you can rearrange it every once in a while. Create diversity by planting different colored flowers like lavender, roses, peony, and delphinium to liven up the garden. 

English garden with raised garden beds where the design of this wooden bed serves as an elevated vegetable garden.

Vegetable garden
One solution that allows you to have a small garden that can grow many things more easily is to make a raised bed. This is very suitable if you do not have a large yard to grow the plants.

The expanse of the park consists of structures or small wooden containers built on the ground, with soil and plants.

image source

There are many reasons why you may want to create a raised bed garden, rather than a traditional or even a container garden. Raised beds can be as large or as small as you want them to be.

You can grow anything in a garden bed that you can plant in an English garden with soil. Flowers, vegetables, and even some fruits will grow beautifully on raised beds.

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If you are using a wooden fence, you can also plant creeping bush or plants. The garden fence décor ideas create a warm feeling, especially when the vines are filling the space. 

The key to a successful English garden is to create harmony between the plants. It also relies on old-fashioned plants like roses, chrysanthemum, hydrangeas, lavender, and peonies. Still, the best garden is the one that is carefully maintained. Make sure your garden design is simple and easy to take care of.

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