Many people are currently looking for a home to buy. With thousands of properties available in the real estate market, the only ones who can help you choose the right property are real estate agents. You should not think twice about hiring them if you want a hassle-free process.

Apart from finding a property for you, a real estate agent like McElwaine Estate Agents can also help you sell your property for a reasonable price. Some may be unsure about hiring companies because of the common misconceptions surrounding real estate agents. Fortunately, those misconceptions have already been debunked for you here. 

Myth #1: Real Estate Agents Never Arrive on Time

Every professional real estate agent should never have any excuse as to why they were late. Each client they meet deserves respect, and one way real estate agents can do that is by showing up on or before the agreed time. If you are looking for a real estate agent, make sure to hire one that puts their clients’ needs first.

Myth #2: The Higher the House’s Price, the Higher the Agent’s Pay

This is one misconception that most people who lack real knowledge about the real estate industry would have. Most veteran real estate agents do not pay too much attention to the commission difference. You should eliminate the thought that real estate agents will earn more when you spend more for the house because that is simply not true. The difference between $300,000 and $310,000 is only about $150 to a real estate agent.

Myth #3: Real Estate Agents Need to Show You Homes

The only time an agent can show you on-demand homes is to have a contract with them or if the agent represents the seller. Other than that, the agent has the choice not to show you the property. You cannot simply contact a real estate agent and request for their services right away. The same goes if you are planning on writing an offer with the real estate agent.

Myth #4: The Agent’s Home Inspector Will Always Side With Them

Unless the real estate agent plans to get sued, the home inspector should disclose every bit of information about the home. Every buyer should know the house inside and out, and only the home inspector can help you with that. The agent is only there to take in the buyer’s needs, like helping the buyer cancel the transaction if they see that the house does not fit their needs.

Myth #5: Agents Sell Their Own Properties for More Money

A highly-skilled and professional real estate agent never has any time to waste. They also know the real estate market better than an average home seller, so they can determine problems like why your home is not selling after a reasonable period.

Myth #6: Agents Will Do Anything to Sell

You may have heard of some real estate agents trying to scam sellers and buyers using different illegal tactics. The only time you will encounter this kind of agent is when you are not careful while choosing one. There are more trustworthy, expert agents than the bad ones. The best thing is to do a bit of a background check on the agent by calling their company or asking other clients who have worked with the agent.

A client’s needs are always a priority for every real estate agent. If you want to experience high-quality services when you hire one, you should turn to real estate companies like McElwaine Estate Agents.

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