New year’s resolutions are notoriously difficult to keep.

So, set your goal out on a good foot by arranging and decorating your home to help keep the goal at the front of your mind and keep yourself on track.

Sometimes, just seeing the things that have to do with your goal can give you the mental cue to keep it up, and rearranging or redecorating certain aspects of your home can help you do that.

Below, we will cover 6 ways to help keep up with common new year’s resolutions by rearranging your place.

1. Line up your skincare routine

Bumping up your skincare routine is a big change many people aim for with the advent of a new year.

But, choosing the best routine order for you and actually being able to stick to it can be a challenge. Not to mention the difficulty finding all of the products you want to use if you are not properly organized.

Start by rearranging and decluttering your bathroom counter, drawers, and cabinets. Getting rid of that eye shadow from 10 years ago and dumping anything that is past it’s prime (the rule of thumb for most cosmetics is to toss them after 1 year).

Then, choose a spot to physically line up the skincare products that you want to be part of your daily routine (even any prescription skincare products) in the order that you hope to be using them. Of course, there may be some items you use once or twice a week instead of daily like exfoliants, but you can still put them into the line-up and skip them when you are supposed to.

Once everything is lined up in order it will be a cinch to go through the steps, keep the products on hand when they are running low, and just generally have an easy-breezy skincare routine process.

2. Keep your yoga mat insight

If your new year’s resolution is to do more of a certain activity, do your best to keep a reminder of that activity in sight.

We don’t mean that you have to keep barbells scattered around, but a small reminder like keeping your running shoes next to the front door so you see them when you get home from work, or your yoga mat arranged in a decorative basket in the corner of your room may be just the hint to keep yourself on track.

3. Display healthy pantry items in mason jars

A lot of new year’s resolutions tend to be food-related, or healthy eating.

Help yourself be inspired in the kitchen by keeping a few mason jars full of some of your healthy pantry meal-starter favorites like dried beans, grains, nuts, or dried fruits. You may be reminded how much you like quinoa, or that you need to restock your garbanzo beans sometime soon.

As a bonus, when you have a few of these lined up along the back of your counter, it is a rustic design element that doubles as a healthy eating reminder.

4. Keep a colorful fruit bowl on the counter

If more fresh fruits and veggies was your resolution this year, take the time to stock up your kitchen counter fruit bowl with each shopping trip.

The vibrant colors will add a fresh and fun element to your kitchen decor, while giving you the impetus to snack on more apples, orange, or bananas when you are getting hungry.

Apples, oranges, grapefruit, pears, bananas, melons, peaches, and avocados are good options for a bright and healthy fruit bowl display.

5. Keep a journal and colorful pens on your nightstand

Whether your new year’s resolution is to start journaling, keeping a planner, or doodling, sketching, and being more creative, keeping the tools for these on your nightstand can help you remember to draw or do a little writing each night.

Pick out a pretty journal, diary, notepad, or sketchbook, along with some pens or writing utensils that tickle your fancy and make you look forward to ending your days with a little writing or creativity session.

Even if your journaling only lasts 2 minutes at first, make a point to add something to your notepad of choice each night and you will find it is an easy and therapeutic addition to your day in no time.

6. Arrange daily supplements in a medication organizer

Keeping up with your daily supplements is a common new year’s resolution that can be hard to get into the swing of.

But, taking the time each week to arrange the supplements you want to take in a pill organizer can help you stay on track and avoid searching around for supplement bottles, or realizing too late that you are out of B12 or Vitamin D.

Keep your supplement organizer next to where you have your first meal each day to make it into part of your morning routine.

Whether you are supplementing to help make your nails grow stronger, correct a deficiency, or just maintain overall health and wellness, the easier the make the routine the more likely you will keep up with it.

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