25 great ideas for your pretty window treatment fi

When you still don’t really give your attention to your window decoration, then consider putting your effort to make it pretty from now on. Remember that window is the spot where you will stare often since the outside view can be seen from there. That is why giving the pretty rouches is really recommended and will give you an extra view beside the outdoor scenery itself. Trust me that your eyes will be pampered when you can give the right window treatment. For privacy matters, using windows blinds could be perfect, you can choose material as you want to match your design ideas like wood blinds, roller blinds, Venetian blinds, and so many more options.


Adjusting the window treatment with surround decoration design style is the best way you can do so that everything could be seen in harmony. Then, when talking about the touches you can apply for the window, it could be really varied. Let’s say that you can install the pretty artistic curtain for the simplest one. Additionally, you can also decorate your window by applying the hanging ornament, or sticking some pretty things into its glass. Also, providing decorative lighting into it is also interesting. Then, if you love plants, you can put some decorative plants there. Everything about window treatment will be interesting. Go down for the references!


You don’t have to spend money to get a good view of your window. Try using patterned fabrics at home for window treatments. Sew the fabric layer back to form a beautiful curtain. Then simply combine the fabric with the mini blinds to create a more beautiful appearance in your home. Mini-Blinds Curtain from Homebnc.


Using roller blinds is the right choice for window treatments in your home as it will save costs. It will also provide many advantages such as attracting light and can provide privacy so that your window treatment will be perfect. Fabric Curtain from Homebnc.


The color blocks hanging on the window will make your window treatments look more attractive. You can make blocks using cardboard and colored paper cut into squares. Then string it together using bent wire as a hook so that it will act as an attractive curtain over your window. Craftsy Color Block Privacy Curtains from Homebnc.


Placing some flower vases in front of the window is one way of window treatment that is easy but still looks perfect. It will bring out a beautiful look and give a refreshing natural feel. Hanging a Painting on a window will bring the perfect focal point to your window. Placing Some Flower Vases from Housebeautiful.


Decorating windows is one interesting way of window treatment. You can make decorations at home to get an ornament that looks attractive but still at a low cost. Try making a cone garland out of origami paper and then hanging it on the window so it will make your window look more beautiful. Paper Garland from Ideastand.


You can use colorful garlands for window treatments in your home to make it look more attractive. Garland made of colored felt looks simple but still perfect. You can hang it on the inner window of the house so that it will make your window treatments look more colorful. Colorful Felt Garland from Ideastand.


Kitchen window treatments with patterned fabric curtains look simple but still perfect. The curtain can filter the sunlight and cold air that enters the house so it will feel more comfortable. Adding flowers in a vase on the window front desk will give you a very beautiful display. Fabric Curtain from Simonton.


Installing glass shelves on windows is an interesting idea for your window treatments. Try using it to display some mini potted plants there. You can also hang other plants or place them on the table so that they will give a beautiful and refreshing look to your windows. House Plants Display from Simonton.


If you want to get a stunning look in your window treatments, using string lights is the idea. You can attach string lights to the window sills in your bedroom so that at night it will produce a beautiful and attractive light. Adding long, dark curtains will make your string lights work well. String Light from Onekindesign.


Using paper crafts for your window treatment ideas is an interesting idea so that it will look creative but still be cheap. You can cut the paper into squares and don’t forget to punch the top. Then you can string them together using a rope and hang them on the window so they look perfect. Paper Craft from Bhg.


Choosing to use a house plants for your window treatment ideas is a good idea. You can place it on a glass shelf so it will give you a nice look and make the air even fresher. House Plants from Decoist.


Window treatments are one of the things that can affect the decor in your home. You can use plants for an easy yet beautiful window treatment idea. Placing a few flower pots in front of the window will give you a beautiful and refreshing outdoor display. Flower Pot from Decoist.


DIY paper crafts arranged into garlands look interesting and creative. You can hang it on the window for window treatment ideas in your home to make it look better. Adding a few balloons at the top of the window will give your kids a cute and lovable look. DIY Paper Craft from Feelitcool.


Choosing to use colorful pom poms for window treatment ideas is an attractive option. You can garland it and tie it on a twig. Then you can hang it on the window so it will look like a beautiful and adorable curtain. Pom Pom Curtain from Feelitcool.


The colorful ball shaped paper craft looks unique and attractive. Using them for window treatment ideas will never fail. You can string it into a garland and hang it from the window so it will work as a curtain that looks more colorful and cheerful. Colorful Paper Balls from Feelitcool.


Using hanging ornaments is a never-fail option for window treatments. You can use colorful pom poms strung lengthwise and colorful threads in braids. Hanging in the window will look like a curtain but it will look more beautiful and colorful. Hanging Ornament from Onemamasdailydrama.


DIY window gardens with plastic bottle pots are one of the easiest and inexpensive window treatments. You can place a few plants with plastic bottle pots on your windowsill so that it will bring out a lovely outdoor feel. It will also give your home a natural freshness so the air is healthier. Window Garden from Balconygardenweb.


You can make a window garden for your window treatment so that it is easier and still looks refreshing. Using a hanging wooden shelf to display plants is an interesting idea so that it looks more modern and saves space. Hanging House Plants from Balconygardenweb.


Using flower arrangements for your window treatments will present a beautiful look in an easy way. You can use the mason jar as a vase and add a little water there to keep your flowers looking fresh. Then hang it using the rope around your window so that it becomes the perfect focal point. Hanging Flower Arrangement from Itallstartedwithpaint.


Try using a natural touch in window treatments in your home. Choosing to use plants is the perfect idea so that it will give it a nice feel. You can hang it using a rope so it will look more modern and attractive. Hanging Greenery from Sawhd.


Painting on window panes is one creative way to make window treatments look more beautiful. Try using several colors to paint to make it look more colorful. Choosing to paint flowers will present a beautiful outdoor appearance in your home. Painting on Windows from Weareteachers.


Choosing to use bamboo blinds for your window treatment really looks beautiful. You can adjust it according to your needs such as creating the perfect shade and privacy when the bamboo blinds are lowered. He can also let direct sunlight into the room by pulling or opening bamboo blinds. Bamboo Blinds from Decoratedlife.


Curtains are one of the right accessories for easy window treatment ideas. The long white Macramé curtains that hang over the windows will give a beautiful look with a bohemian touch. The vines that hang beside the window will bring a beautiful and refreshing look to your home. Macramé Curtain from Designrulz.


One easy way for window treatments is to decorate it with ornaments. You can use a string light and hang it on the window. Then He will light and look that is beautiful and can inspire. String Light from Homecrux.


DIY Flower ornament made of patterned paper looks beautiful and cute. Stringing it using glue and thread into a garland will look even more stunning. Using it for window treatments by hanging it is an interesting idea. So that he will work as a curtain but look more creative and different from the others. DIY Paper Flower Curtains from Familyholiday.

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