Tempting spring home decor ideas that steal your attention fi

A new chapter of life begins. Thus, people take a look ahead of their home décor this year, especially in spring. Therefore, here are décor ideas you can copy now on Tempting Spring Home Decor Ideas That Steal Your Attention.




This spring, color pairings high in contrast is predicted to be one of the kings to take over for home design. There are some choices or combos that expected to be huge in 2021. The sample is a combination of neutral grey, sparkling metallics, natural wood, and moody indigo. Besides, you can go for fresh white and deep black. Put your best indoor plant there to add freshness to your room.


Do not think twice to have gradation design this spring. You can embrace the tried-and-true design concept of color movement and rhythm. The gradation will successfully role as a tool to assess how the colors in your room work together as a whole. Besides, the gradation will pop up more within the home furniture and accent pieces like lamps, rugs, even pillows to add a soft touch for spring décor.


Shibori along with the other ‘inky’ washes and patterns will be dominating as décor choice this spring. You are pleased to see more and more blended washed-out dyes like indigo and black, blankets, in throw pillows, and also other upholstered accents. This shows your home is to relax as well as your soul.


Indigo gets some extra love this spring with its rich and serene. You can go with indigo’s moody nature by its inky washes or go a more casual spin with a breezy neutral color scheme. Those will make you feel more enjoy the springtime.


Tribal décor this spring will emphasize patterns and textures from all parts of the globe. This idea has artifact style accessories like woven baskets and pops of terracotta color palettes to enjoy spring in an enjoyable home atmosphere.

Coastal Textures

You saw in 2020 coastal texture was popular. This year, coastal textures are still holding the trophy. People are expected to love to have coastal texture this spring with neutral hues, organic textures, and whitewashed finished.

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