10 best wall decorations to be applied to your home fi

Wall becomes the spot that can be really utilized well to beautify your home. You can hang some ornaments there without consuming the space of your home. It can be said that well is the best asset for those who have small space occupancy so that they can beautify their homes without worrying about space. Basically, there are so many wall decorations that you can apply to your home that we have prepared below. Check them out and find the one that is most proper for your occupancy. Happy decorating!


Hang Some Antique


The old clock is one of the antiques that you can use to decorate your home. Using several collections of old wall clocks for your wall decor will present an attractive antique look. It will also function as a timepiece that has its own charm in your home so that it can inspire everyone who sees it. Antique Ornament from Feelitcool.

Artistic Painting


Wall decorations with artistic paintings will bring the perfect visual power to your home. Floral wall art with canvas media looks beautiful and very stunning. Hanging it on the wall will make your blank wall stand out more and will be a focal point of artistic value. Artistic Painting from Architectureartdesigns.



Choosing macramé for your wall decor ideas is an interesting idea that will never fail. You can make patterns and designs according to what you want so that it will give you pleasure. Macramé medium with a combination of yellow and beige will bring visual power to your bedroom so that it looks perfect. Yellow and Beige Macramé from Homedit.

Hang Your Collection


Choosing to use your collection for wall decor is an interesting idea. You can hang some guitar collections on the wall to make your wall stand out more. It will also bring perfect character and visual power to your home decor so that it can attract the attention of everyone who sees it. Guitar Collection Wall Decor from Apartmenttherapy.

Animal Skull Ornamnet


Using animal skeletons for wall decor ideas is an interesting idea. You can use some Animal Skulls on the wall so that it will make your wall look more attractive with a rustic look. Completing it with rustic furniture will enhance your decor so that it looks more perfect and can inspire. Animal Skull Ornament from Homeheartcraft.

Showcase Fabric


Installing a Showcase Fabric on the wall will make your blank wall stand out more. You can choose a showcase fabric with a tree and flower pattern so that it will present a beautiful and calming natural feel. Installing it above the bed will be the perfect focal point in your bedroom so that it looks more perfect. Showcase Fabric from Architecturaldigest.

Mirror Arrangement


Try using a mirror arrangement for your wall decoration idea to make it look more attractive. You can use several small mirrors and then hang them up against the wall. Using a hexagon-shaped mirror attached to a black wall will make a blank wall stand out more and can inspire. Mirrors Arrangement from Digsdigs.

Mural Art


Mural art is an interesting wall decoration idea that you should try. The painting of peonies and roses will present a beautiful and stunning outdoor feel. Located in the corner of the living room, the flower painting will bring a warm and soft nuance to your living room. It will also bring a feminine touch to your living room in a simple way. Mural Art from Homebnc.

Decorative Plates


Using plates for your decorating ideas is a creative idea because it is budget-friendly. You can use some old plates and hang them on the wall to get a different decoration from the others. Try choosing a plate with a different pattern and color to make it look more attractive. Then put the plates on the wall neatly based on the pattern you want so that it will present its own charm in your home. Decorative Plates from Homedit.

Wall Garden


If you want to decorate the walls, a walled garden is a perfect idea. You can use wood as a vertical planter so that it will present a perfectly natural look. You can also place a few other pots on the right and left of the vertical garden so that it will bring the perfect freshness to your home. Vertical Garden from Liveindcr.

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