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Homeowners love remodeling their bathroom with creative designs and comfortable accessories. The place needs renovation to retain your familiarity meanwhile adjusting the space according to your preferences. But what sort of remodeling actions are good for you? You don’t need to be overwhelmed by the plethora of renovation ideas you might’ve found online. We’ve developed an inventory of select propositions for maintaining a clean, smooth, and cost-effective bathroom refurbishing. Proper planning will lead you to hire the right contractor and choose the correct layout. Let’s find out some more imaginative submissions about this domestic project.

1. Make a Budget

First thing’s first; you’re a realist. You can transform your bathroom into any form you prefer. But we recommend that you confine your imagination within the boundaries of your financial capacity. Costs of upgrading your bathroom require you to create a realistic budget before you hire contractors. This budget will determine where you can make cuts to afford the restroom of your dreams. The costs of such an upgrade also depend upon your plans to sell this house later.

2. Talk to the Contractor

Don’t just assume that your contractor will complete your dome-decoration requirements unless you’ve talked to him. Hire a professional contractor who can provide you credible references and has worked on similar projects before. Lay down your entire plan before him/her and also discuss your budgetary restrictions. It’s crucial to spell out every aspect of your program to avoid any future mistakes. And tolerate your contractor’s frank estimates as well.

3. Consider the Costs

Budgeting is necessary – as we’ve explained – mostly because the costs of upgrading your bathroom have escalated in this century. In 2016, the National Kitchen and Bath Association calculated $11,364 to be the project’s average estimated cost. But what if someone uses inexpensive and low-grade material? It may cost you less than $500, while a top-notch bathroom can take $20,000 or more. Moreover, restroom cabinetry takes the least amount of money for an upgrade.

4. Get a Plumber

On the other hand, fixtures and plumbing consume around 30% of your total bathroom redecoration expenditures. You can employ plumbing services both for emergencies or during a bathroom renovation. Searching for trustworthy and professional handymen isn’t difficult anymore; you can find many options around your location. For instance, if you live in California, you can search for “professional plumbers near me Irvine CA,” You will get plenty of options on your screen. Now let’s move on to more specific refurbishing tips.

5. Install More Mirrors

If you wish to create a fancy-looking bathroom, install a bunch of life-size mirrors. Contrary to a popular misconception, mirrors aren’t there just to let you check your appearance. They’re also a crucial element of the overall design and aesthetics of the restroom. They create an illusion of more space and brighten the cramped place by reflecting light. You can also accommodate storage spaces behind these mirrors to place your medicines and beauty products.

6. Get Some Storage

Creating a well-functioning bathroom should be one of your main priorities. And ample storage is an essential quality of successful restroom renovations. We’ve already mentioned how you can integrate some space behind mirrors. Some architects hide a couple of shallow shelves/cabinets in a stud bay. Ensure that these storage units seem well fit-in and not added-on. Find good storage options while you’re busy crafting a neatly-elaborated blueprint for this project.

7. Put Some Plants

Plants placed inside the bathroom have ceased to an anomaly. Adding some good-smelling flora makes the bathroom appear more pleasant and fragrant. And bathrooms provide a healthy environment for plants to survive too! Flowers thrive in warm and humid places while contributing to the décor of the restroom. But can plants survive in a place without windows? Well, certain plant species don’t need sunlight at all. So, try putting any of the following species in the bathroom:

  • Aloe vera
  • English ivy
  • Spider plant
  • Snake plant
  • Boston fern

8. Try Artificial Light

People experience happiness and satisfaction in a bright space. It would help if you didn’t neglect your restroom’s lighting aspect while redesigning the entire space. Poor lighting can damage the bathroom’s aesthetics, while enough brightness can make space appear larger. Install windows – or a skylight, if possible – to allow the passage of natural light. But it would help if you also implemented some artificial lighting measures because natural light ceases to illuminate the room after sunset.

9. Ventilation Is Important

You also need to organize a perpetual flow of fresh air inside the bathroom. It’s your legal responsibility to install a proper ventilation mechanism in there. Remember how we just talked about bathrooms being sufficiently humid for plants? Well, surplus humidity can make a person’s lavatory experience uncomfortable. That’s why you need a system to remove this moisture. You can use exhaust fans for ventilation. Just consider the level of noise they’ll make.

10. Know Your Tiles

Your contractor will probably show you a bunch of tile-design samples. But there’s no reason to remain confused. You need to remember certain features of the most suitable textures you can get on the market. Find tiles made of a material that is enduring and long-wearing. You should choose the same design for walls, flooring, and shower stalls. Some best options for your bathroom renovation plans are cement, porcelain, and natural stone. Glass is also a recommended option.

11. Care for Some Luxury?

In the end, adding a little luxury for yourself isn’t extravagant. Now, who doesn’t want to make space more special and luxurious! Some people consider installing a Jacuzzi, but the prospect of disrupting the household prevents them. Bathroom remodeling is the perfect time to bring all the lavishness you cherish (and can afford). Some most popular lavish accessories include a pre-heated towel rail to wrap your whole body around and a heated floor to warm your feet.

12. Install a Bathtub

Also, rethink whether you want to install a shower instead. Bathtubs are slowly becoming a thing of the past. A 2019 report suggested that people preferred shower over taking a bath in the United Kingdom. Keeping in mind environmental considerations, people favor showers since they consume less water. But bathtubs will still be a more comfortable and luxurious self-cleaning method than showers.


One survey showed that more than 80% of homeowners preferred renovating bathrooms over kitchens. To compare, only 50% of respondents selected complete domestic remodeling over any specific room. Refurbishing your bathroom will cost you $10,000 on average. But you can decrease your expenditures by around $1,000-$3,000 with vigilant investing. All that’s needed now is a combination of creativity and ingenuity. Don’t just spend on the looks but on accessories too that bring you comfort during privacy. Invest in the right people to provide you not only with satisfaction but with an excellent service.

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