Turn your small space into a large garden area with these genius space-savvy solutions fi

If you have only a small yard or outdoor living spaces, it does not mean that you can not have a great garden. Here are the ideas of Turn Your Small Space Into A Large Garden Area With These Genius Space-Savvy Solutions.


Rooftop Gardening

On your smallest rooftop, you can create a little eye-catching heaven that includes flowers, greenery, and a small fire pit. Besides, you are suggested to use containers that will be great for gardening because it’s movable. Moreover, you can create your own ultimate relaxation space by adding a raised garden bed with various heights of flowers, plants, and a small water garden. Lately, you can also plant herbs or vegetables there.

Layered Gardens

Hanging gardens and vertical plantings are ways to get your small garden space to feel larger. You can layer your plants to put everything you want while still saving space and you can have container planters with hanging or vertical planting to cover your entire balcony, deck, or lawn area.

Slope Gardens

Well, as its name, this garden is creating a cover to your slope. Anyway, a sloping garden is a perfect way to add greenery and beauty without taking up your yard space. You can have your garden slop with rock, bricks, and other planting items. You can use taller plants on a top whole add shorter ones in containers at the bottom. So, your slope now is covered with flowers or greenery.

Cinder Wall Garden

Cinder blocks here create a pretty garden wall that holds numerous plants that give a bit of privacy well. It is a sample of smart ideas for smaller yards that can be built right next to your fence. Besides, flowers and greenery will certainly be a conversation starter when guests enter your garden area.

Hedge Gardening

Hedge gardening will give you the opportunity to define your garden space. Although you only have a small space, the hedge will perfectly create a statement. You may start by simply have to outline the area that you want to be enclosed and choose hedges to surround it. One thing for sure, if you have a plan to build raised beds, the hedges will not only as an outline but also create an eye-catching focal point.

Mushroom Gardening

Portobello, shiitake, white cap, and oyster are just a few mushrooms available on the market. Most of these mushrooms are bought from the market, but why not grow your own? Looking at those white clumps, you might think that growing mushrooms, let alone mushrooms, might be too difficult. But again, looks can be deceiving.  

Mushrooms are one of those things that inspire the imagination. They may look delicate, but it doesn’t take experienced hands to raise these babies. For beginners, it is suggested that you use mushroom spawn bags so it would be easy.

Mix Plant Gardens

When you have planting containers, you can easily mix the plants to create more colorful. This idea will make an illusion of a much large garden space while taking up very little room.

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