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Although the powder room is only a small part of your house, you have to treat it well since your guest might use it. Remember that it could be the parameter for your guest to appreciate your whole home parts. Anyway, in decorating your powder room, you might a little bit confuse since it will only in such a small space. That is why you should be careful not to apply something that will only make the small space looks narrow. In this case, there are some considerations that you should follow.


The first consideration that you should take for your powder room treatment is the color scheme. It is better for you to choose neutral colors like white, beige, grey, etc. Also, make sure that you don’t apply too many color combination as it can influence the space impression. After that, you can start to choose the furniture and ornament. Just like the room color scheme, make sure that you don’t apply something in a too crowded color combination. Don’t be too much also in applying the ornament. Confused with our explanation? Get the clear picture design references and the explanation below!


You can add ornaments on the wall for your powder room treatment so that it will make it look more attractive. Using wall shelves as a storage idea will never fail as it saves space. The House Plant in the corner will bring a natural, refreshing feel to your powder room. Wall Ornament from Homebnc.


Using wallpaper is one of the right ways to treat your powder room. So that the walls will remain safe from splashing water and last longer in a simple way. You can also add wallpaper on the ceiling to make it look more perfect. Wallpaper from Homebnc.


Installing glass windows in your powder room is a perfect idea so that it will facilitate air circulation. Floating racks will provide practical storage space in your powder room and will not take up much space. You can also equip your powder room with a carpet to protect the floor from splashing water. Glass Window and Carpet from Homebnc.


You can use wallpaper for the treatment of your powder room so that it will protect the walls from splashing water. Choosing a Geometric wallpaper will bring a stunning appearance in your powder room. Adding paintings and lights on the walls will make your powder room more complete and attractive. Geometric Wallpaper from Homebnc.


Covering the upper wall with blue wallpaper and leaving the bottom open with white paint will bring an attractive look to your powder room. Adding wall hangings and oval mirrors will enhance your decor so that it looks more flawless. The Flower Arrangement above the toilet will present stunning natural beauty. White and Blue Walls from Homebnc.


Painting one side of the wall black and the other white will bring a beautiful contrast to your powder room. Hanging a Flower arrangement on the wall is one of the perfect powder room treatments to present a natural look. Glass windows will make it easier for the air to circulate in your powder room so that it feels healthier. Painting Walls from Demiandashton.


Using wooden furniture is one of the most interesting powder room treatments, so it will give you the perfect rustic touch. Adding a flower arrangement there will present a natural beauty. Wooden Furniture from Demiandashton.


Using patterned curtains for your powder room treatment will give you a beautiful look. Glass windows will allow direct sunlight so that your powder room feels healthier. Hanging ornaments and wall mirrors will make your powder room look more perfect. Patterned Curtain from Betterdecoratingbible.


Adding a window next to the powder room is an interesting idea that will allow direct sunlight in. Installing leaf patterned wallpaper will bring a beautiful tropical feel to your powder room. Placing the Flower arrangement on the countertop will be an interesting focal point. Glass Window and Wallpaper from Enchantedhome.


Try installing wallpaper for the treatment of your powder room so that it will be protected from natural sparks and looks beautiful. A square mirror hanging on the wall will give the effect of a bigger room making it look better. Wallpaper from Enchantedhome.


You can use beige wallpaper for your powder room treatment ideas so that it will present a beautiful and elegant appearance. Placing a flower arrangement in a powder room will bring out the natural beauty there so that it looks more attractive. Flower Arrangement and Wallpaper from Enchantedhome.


Painting the walls with striped colorful patterns will bring a beautiful and bright look to your powder room. Adding a small wall decoration will look simple but still interesting. The oval mirror on the wall will give the impression of a wider space in your powder room. Striped Wall from Architectureartdesigns.


The small glass windows in the powder room will allow direct sunlight to enter and facilitate air circulation. A mirror with a wooden frame will bring a rustic look to the powder room and look more attractive. Adding a flower arrangement there will add beauty to your powder room. Small Glass Window from Architectureartdesigns.


Installing a large mirror on the powder room wall will give the impression of a wider room. Placing the sink in the corner of the room will look attractive and still save space. Painting hung on the walls looks great and will be the perfect focal point in your powder room. Big Mirror from Architectureartdesigns.


Choosing to use geometric wallpaper for powder room treatment will present a beautiful and attractive appearance. The round mirror on the wall will add perfection to your powder room. You can also add flower arrangements to bring a natural, refreshing beauty to your powder room. Geometric Wallpaper and Flower Arrangement from Designertrapped.


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