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Presenting the garden is not only for your yard or outdoor spot. It is also important to give some greenery to your indoor spot. The idea is by making an indoor garden where you can have at least a small part in your home that existed with some plants in one spot. That will be said as the indoor garden. In case you only provide one or two plants in a different spot, then you can’t mention it as the garden. You should provide some plants together in one spot and that will work better to create such a fresh and green atmosphere in your home.


To have the indoor garden, you should provide the media or planter holder so that everything could be well arranged. Commonly, the indoor garden will be in form of a wall garden. However, you can also the hanging one or simply use the rack and ladder to compile the plants together. Also, you should consider its cleanliness since it will be displayed inside your house. Choose the plants with low maintenance and high live possibility. You can see the ways to provide an indoor garden by looking at the references below.


Making a mini garden in the kitchen is one way to present a beautiful natural appearance. The vertical garden is the perfect choice because it saves space. You can use a glass jar as a planting medium so that it will look attractive in a simple way. Vertical Garden from Decoist.


To bring a natural look to your kitchen, making an indoor garden is an interesting idea. You can make a garden wall to make it simpler and still look refreshing. Using wood planting will give your kitchen an attractive farmhouse appearance so that it looks perfect. Wall Garden from Thegardenglove.


A wall garden with herb plants will bring freshness to your kitchen so that the air is healthier. You can use a wall storage system for planting media in your home so that it will be more practical and different from the others. Herb Garden from Thegardenglove.


Open shelves made of rattan will bring an attractive classic look to your home. Using it to display plants will create a beautiful and attractive mini garden in your home. Adding some large plants in pots such as cacti and others will bring a fresher feel. Fresh Indoor garden from Cafemom.


Creating an indoor garden will bring a refreshing natural look to your home. Using a variety of potting media will present a beautiful and attractive appearance. You can display the plants on the shelf, above the fireplace and so on so they look stunning with natural shades. Indoor Garden from Theglitterguide.


To bring a natural, refreshing feel to your home, making an indoor garden is the right solution. Vines with hanging planting will look perfect and save space. You can hang it in the dining room so you can enjoy the freshness while eating with your family. Hanging Plants from Theglitterguide.


Wall plants with modern potted planting media in white will bring a clean and bright appearance to your home. Choosing a herb plant is a perfect idea because besides being refreshing it will also be useful to complement the needs of your home. White Wall Garden from Theglitterguide.


Making an indoor garden is one interesting idea to create freshness in your home. DIY wooden trellis mounted on the wall will present an attractive appearance. Hanging a few plants there will make a vertical garden that looks simple and modern. Wooden Trellis Vertical Garden from Theglitterguide.


The indoor garden will present a beautiful and natural appearance that is relaxing in your home. Make hanging herbs and take advantage of natural light to make your plants more fertile. You can use a hanging wooden shelf as a planting medium and place it right on the glass window to get direct sunlight. Hanging Planter from Theglitterguide.


The vertical garden is one of the right choices to create an indoor garden in your home because it saves space. Using used bottle growing media will make your indoor garden look more creative. Hanging it on the window will present an attractive appearance and make the room fresher. Used Bottle Garden from Boredart.


Hanging plants will bring a beautiful and refreshing appearance to your home. You can also place some plants on the wall shelf so that it will make your indoor garden look more complete and attractive. Hanging Plants from Wealthkingdom.


The dining room decor with a boho touch looks very attractive. Adding an indoor garden will make your dining room feel fresh with natural nuances. You can use macramé to hang your plants to make them look even more stunning. Hanging Plants with Macramé from Wealthkingdom.


Vertical garden with open wooden wardrobe looks perfect with a natural look. You can display the plant collections in an open cupboard so that they will become a refreshing focal point in your home. Placing plants in containers on the floor will complement your indoor garden decoration. Vertical Garden from Wealthkingdom.


Using wooden Ladder Shelf to make an indoor garden is one creative idea to create freshness in your home. You can display your plant collection so that it will look neater and save space. Wooden Ladder Shelf Garden from Wealthkingdom.


Wall-mounted metal shelves look great and won’t take up much space. Simply put your plant collection on the shelf so that it will become a minimalist and refreshing wall garden. Wall Garden from Wealthkingdom.


Mini garden in the bathroom looks attractive and will give you a refreshing natural look. You can install wooden planks on the wall to display your potted plants so that it will present a simpler but still attractive appearance. Mini Wall Garden from Wealthkingdom.


Decorating the bedroom with a mini garden will look natural and very refreshing so that it will make the air healthier. Using floating racks to display plants will look simple and still attractive. You can also hang some plants on the shelf using twigs so they look creative and inspiring. Floating Rack Garden from Wealthkingdom.


Making multi-storey hanging shelves from wood and rope is a creative idea to complement a mini garden in your home. You can make holes in the shelf to display your potted plants so they don’t fall off easily. Then you can hang it on the wall using wood and rope so it will be a refreshing focal point. Multi-Storey Hanging Shelves from Gardenmandy.


You can use two different colored staircases to create an indoor garden in your bathroom. Choosing to use white and blue insect racks to display plants in your bathroom will make it look more beautiful and refreshing. Vertical Indoor Garden from Gardenmandy.


Wall garden is one of the right choices to create an indoor garden in your home. Planting several types of plants on the living room wall will create a beautiful and attractive appearance in your home. It will also bring out a natural, refreshing feel so that it will be the perfect focal point. Wall Garden from Juneborn.


Choosing to use a trellis to create an indoor garden in your home is an interesting idea. You can select the vines and place them in the center of the room so that they will become a beautiful and refreshing divider. Indoor Garden Divider from Juneborn.


Making an indoor garden with hydroponic herbs is the right choice, because it will bring freshness and more benefits. You can use a plastic potting medium and place it in front of the window so that it will get direct sunlight and keep it lush. Hydroponic Herbs Garden from Juneborn.


Palm is a plant that is suitable for making an indoor garden in your home. Using a concrete potting medium that is painted black will make it look attractive. Placing it at the edge of your living room will bring out a refreshing natural beauty. Palm Indoor Garden from Juneborn.


Hanging plants from the ceiling to the floor will create an indoor garden that looks attractive and saves space. The hanging garden will give your home its own charm and will be a cool focal point. It can also work as a room divider that looks beautiful and different from the others. Hanging Garden from Squareinchhome.


Creating an indoor garden will make your home decor look more natural. You can use Pegboards to make vertical plants so they will look unique. Displaying some potted plants and hanging some plants with macramé on the pegboard will bring a stunning appearance to your home. Pegboards Garden from Squareinchhome.


Decorating the walls is one way to make it look more attractive and less boring. You can create a wall garden to make your walls stand out more with a fresh feel. Using a wood planting medium that is mounted on the wall will make it the perfect focal point in your home. Test Tube Wall Garden from Squareinchhome.


Creating indoor plants will make your home decor even more perfect with a natural touch. Planter stands with various kinds of flowers will present a beautiful and stunning display. It can also work as a room divider that looks beautiful with a natural touch. Vertical Indoor Garden from Squareinchhome.


Mini garden in the kitchen will create natural beauty and freshness. You can choose herb plants so that it will be more useful to complement your needs. Using tin can planting media and placing it on the countertop will present a very fresh view in your kitchen. Countertop Herb Garden from Hative.


Using used gutters to make an indoor garden is a very creative idea. You can mount it on the wall and use it as a garden medium in indoors. Choosing herb plants will never fail because besides being refreshing, it can also be used to complement your needs. Gutters Repurposed Indoor Garden from Hative.


Vertical wall gardens will only use minimalist floor space making them suitable for indoor gardens. Having an indoor garden at home will bring the perfect freshness to your home and you can enjoy its beauty without having to leave the house. Vertical Wall Garden from Home Designing.

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