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Living in a house with a large garden area is such a great blessing that not all people get.  It is easy to do any activities in your garden, included gardening. But, what about in a small area especially a balcony? It needs a certain thing to build a garden. Don’t worry! You are possible to build a small or tiny garden. In this article, we are going to show you the following garden ideas to inspire you ore about balcony gardens. Check out!


Beautiful Floral Balcony

Beautiful floral balconnyThis balcony garden seems like a conservatory.  Hang more potted plants on the ceiling, wall, and railing is a great idea to have a small garden on the balcony.  We will not know how beautiful our balcony will be with these amazing flowers if we don’t try. So, what are you waiting for?

Gorgeous Tropical Balcony GardenGorgeous tropical balcony garden

Imagine that you will spend a cozy afternoon on this awesome balcony. There are various pots with different colors that add more color schemes. Then. Lush greenery will never go out of date. The seating area looks nice to sit and enjoy the sunset with a cup of tea.

Fresh And Cozy Balcony AreaFresh and cozy balcony area

This area is one of the best places to boost our mood. We some colors like, green, red, yellow, purples, and white that work well to create such a cozy balcony area. Furthermore, it will be nice to ask your friend to have a cup of tea here.

Vibrant Floral DisplayVibrant floral display

Vibrant colors are nice to improve your balcony area decoration. Though you only have a tiny balcony nook, it will be nice to add more colors with flowers. Bunched flowers, hanging baskets, climbing vines, and flower boxes are awesome.

Artistic Flower DisplayArtistic flower display

Build this tiny garden on one of your balcony walls. Use a stained wooden panel to put on your potted flowers. No need to pain the panel if you love a rustic style.  Hanging them in a free way to get a more artistic look.

Hanging Glass TerrariumsHanging glass terrariums

Terrariums are modern and minimalist. It looks gorgeous to hang them in a balcony area. Then, add more bulbs or other lighting fixtures to spruce up your balcony garden at night. It seems so romantic to see it with your spouse.

Balcony Garden With Wall PlantersBalcony garden with wall planters

If there is only a small space in your balcony area, build a wall planter will be a great idea. It will not take a large space on the floor. You only need one side of the wall to plant succulents, greenery, or herbs to have this awesome little garden.


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