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In case you can provide unique furniture for your home, then you can beautify your home at once without adding too many ornament. Related to that, the hanging shelves could be the choice because there are many things that can be used to create the hanging one. The varied materials are the interesting part of this, that is why you should find the proper one. Adjust it based on the concept of the decoration you have in your house. The more matching design you can have, the more harmonious it will be.


An example of the hanging shelves that could be matched with the home decoration design is when you have the farmhouse or rustic home decor style, then you can choose jute rope as the media to hang the shelf. The other one could be the colorful ropes, rattan, iron, wire, and more. Additionally, the shape of the shelf could be made into the uncommon one such as a round or triangle beside the common rectangular one. The utilization of the shelves can be used for the more functional ones like for the books and appliances. However, you can also utilize it to put your ornament. Find the references below!


Shelves are one of the storage ideas that are suitable to complement the furniture in your home because they are simpler. You can choose the Hanging shelf which will give you a modern look and save space. Installing three white shelves on the wall using pink ropes will bring a beautiful look to your home. Triple Hanging Rack from Homedit.


To complement the furniture in your home, try using shelves as a storage idea in your home. Three wooden shelves that are hung using a rope will bring a unique look to your home. Using it to place ornaments such as books, house plants and so on will give your home its own charm and will become a stunning focus spot. Wooden Hanging Shelves from Homedit.


Completing your home decor with shelves is one idea that will never fail. A white shelf hanging by a rope will make a perfect decoration and storage in your home. Hanging it on the wall and using it to place books, house plants and other ornaments will bring out its own charm and can inspire. White Hanging Shelves from Thegardengranny.


Using shelves for storage ideas in your home is an idea that will never fail. You can use a hanging shelf so it won’t take up a lot of space and will bring a modern look to your home. Hanging it on the wall and using it to display ornaments such as house plants and others will create the perfect decoration in your home. Minimalist Hanging Shelves from Thegardengranny.


Try using shelves to complement the furniture in your home. Choosing to use hanging shelves is a brilliant idea because it will present a more modern look. You can make a round shelf out of wood and then hang it on the wall using string. Placing house plants and other ornaments on a round hanging shelf will give your home a very attractive appearance. Round Hanging Shelves from Thegardengranny.


A three-storey wooden shelf that is hung using a rope on the wall will bring a natural touch to your home decor. Try hanging it on the wall and using it to place books, photos and other ornaments so that it will become a focal point in your home. Three-Storey Wooden Shelf from Digsdigs.


DIY stacked racks made of wood will bring a natural touch to your decor. Try hanging it in the kitchen using string for storage ideas so it will look really interesting. You can use the top shelf to display the house plant, and the 2nd and 3rd shelves for storing fruits so it will look really nice. DIY Stacked Racks from Digsdigs.


Using shelves for storage ideas in your home will be practical storage as well as an attractive decoration. You can make hanging shelves at home to make it look more creative and still make it the perfect storage area. You can hang the shelf on the wall and use it to display lots of ornaments so it will look stunning. White Hanging Shelves from Digsdigs.


Try to make your walls stand out more so that they don’t look boring. You can install several hanging shelves made of wood on the walls so that they will add a natural touch to your decor. Placing house plants, jars and other ornaments on each shelf will make it look more attractive and inspiring. Wooden Hanging Shelves from Digsdigs.


Hanging floor to ceiling wooden racks will be a practical storage idea and look attractive in your home. Placing three baskets on the bottom shelf will provide additional secure storage space. Then you can use another shelf to store your other collections so that it will make it look tidier. Hanging Floor to Ceiling Wooden Shelves from Digsdigs.


Small Hanging racks made of old wooden for storage ideas in your bathroom will present a rustic look with a natural touch. You can hang the shelf next to the sink and use it to place the ornament so it will look absolutely stunning. Old Wooden Shelving from Digsdigs.


Complementing kitchen storage using hanging shelves is a perfect idea because it doesn’t take up much space. Wooden shelves hanging using metal pipes will present the perfect industrial look to your home. Using it to place cutlery is the right idea because it is easy to access. Industrial Hanging Shelves from Architectureartdesigns.


Installing hanging shelves on the wall using ropes and pipes will be a practical storage idea in your home. You can choose wooden shelves to bring a natural touch to your home. You can also paint a wooden shelf blue to make it look brighter and more beautiful. Hanging Racks from Digsdigs.


DIY Wooden shelves hanging using ropes will bring a rustic look with a natural touch to your home. You can use it to store your book collection so that it looks tidier and doesn’t take up a lot of space. You can use the widest shelf to place the tv so that it becomes a unique entertainment center. Wooden Hanging Racks from Digsdigs.


You can use vertical hanging shelves for storage ideas in the kid’s bedroom so it looks more attractive and doesn’t take up much space. Hanging shelves on the right and left of the bed will provide its own charm there so that it can inspire. Placing some animal ornaments and others will enhance your decoration and be loved by your child. Vertical Hanging Shelves from Digsdigs.

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