Spring bathroom decor ideas to turn your bathroom into an oasis 2

To transform your bathroom into an oasis, you need green plants. Take some potted greeneries will be a great idea to give a natural feel to your bathroom. Feel free to hang them on the wall, put them on wooden shelves, or just on the floor. The more potted greenery, the fresher your bathroom will be. Furthermore, a bathroom with green plants inside will never go out of style no matter what the season is. Check out our inspiring bathroom decor with greens below!



With A Couple Of Potted Greenery Planters

With a couple of potted greenery planters

The owner of the house installs a couple of potted greenery plants in this bathroom. Those elements are hung well over the tub. This cool idea needs less effort to do and of course less budget as well. You only need to look for the greens and pots.

Minimalist Bathroom With Potted Greenery

Minimalist bathroom with potted greenery

Do you love a laconic look for your bathroom decor? It can be done easily by hanging some potted greenery over the bathroom. In this picture, the owner lets the bathroom in white with minimal lighting fixtures. This is such a pretty and modern bathroom for urban life.

Hanging Over The Windowsill

Hanging over the windowsill

Hang some potted greenery will be very refreshing. This bathroom is built in a small area. SO, the owner avoids putting the plants on the floor. The best way to add greens inside is by hanging the potted greenery over the windowsill. Then, it is such a pretty idea.

Vintage Ladder With Potted Greenery

Vintage ladder with potted greenery

Refresh your bathroom decor with a unique element will be a great idea. This bathroom shows a creative way to put some potted greenery inside by using a vintage ladder. Feel free to hang the lamp on the ladder as well.

Potted Cacti And Succulents

Potted cacti and succulents

You will wish to stay longer in this bathroom, won’t you? We adore the bathtub shelf that used for putting some potted cacti and succulents. Those plants seem like in a tiny garden. Even the round mirror looks so stand out.

With Some Floating Shelves

With some floating shelves

Instead of letting the corner of your bathroom be empty all time, why don’t you add some floating shelves? This is a simple idea but will change your bathroom decoration instantly. Put some potted greenery to attain a natural feeling.

With Built-in Shelving Unit

With built-in shelving unit

Seriously, the owner of the house builds a shelving unit in the bathroom with purposes. One of them is to put potted greenery. Further, there are some accents to complete this gorgeous decor. You may add your photo frame or other things in your bathroom too.


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