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Spring season always brings an air of optimism where a feeling of good life again after the dreary winter. Open your windows and inviting the sunshine in is always be a good thing this spring. Therefore, here are all the ideas of Clever Upgrades Window Treatment Ideas For Perfect Spring.



Blackout Lining

Blackout lining will help you to keep your room dark even when the sun is out. Meanwhile, it is important to invite the sunshine in, it can be important as well to get some well-deserved rest. Moreover, blackout lining will be useful as the days are getting longer. Besides, as long as you have a double curtain rod, the dressing curtain in front can be for show only which means that they do not even have to be able to close.

Go For Gold

It is a great idea to create a luxurious and sophisticated window with gold curtain hardware. This idea is working particularly well in a room with soft pastel colors such as aqua, blush, and shades of white. It is a gold complement for your window spring look with touches of gold throughout the room like in the ornaments, side tables, holdbacks, and lighting.

Café Curtains

Café curtain is a quick update you can do this spring. You are suggested to choose a light and airy fabric panel that hangs from a tension rod in the window recess or a cafe rod fixed to the window frame or wall above.

Plantation Shutter

The plantation shutter will offer you an array of benefits from energy efficiency due to its ability to keep cold or hot air when the slats are closed to noise reduction. Besides, the plantation shutters also allow ultimate control over how much natural light and flare you allow into your space. Last, add a simple adjustment of its slats, so you can gradually let in a bit of light or open all the way to let the sun burst through.

Soft And Flowy Sheers

This soft and flowy sheer will create a dreamily romantic setting. Although you are living in a city, this curtain will make you like taking time off in the Mediterranean.  You may choose unlined drapes in a loosely woven linen or cotton to achieve a perfect romantic look.

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