Serving the ultimate staycation with these tropical room design ideas 2

Staycation is always been great and relaxing. Besides, you can make your room ultra-special by bringing the tropics to your home with palm tree prints, pastel hues, or doses of rattan. Here are Serving The Ultimate Staycation With These Tropical Room Design Ideas.


Green With Envy Idea

This room feels so airy fresh with bright tropical wallpaper, potted foliage, and flashy yellow pillows. All of them have a transportive effect to beautify your living room. The combination of bright yellow, bright green, and dark table and sofa there is so fascinating.

Cherry Bedroom

The peacock is a quintessential bird of paradise with its magical plumage. Here, a peacock rattan headboard is one of the best things in your bedroom. You may pair with a botanical bedspread and set against crisp white shiplap walls. Thus, you will have a great breathtaking bedroom.

Vivid Vignette

This vivid vignette is so pretty to create sunny vibes. Actually, tropical decor can be abstract where you do not have to plaster palm trees everywhere. Here, you may choose graphic pastel artwork and coordinating pillows and accessories. Last, do not forget the bunches of stunning flowers.

Sofa Is So Good

See this punchy green sofa, it looks so lifted right out the tropics. You are suggested for going bold on a big piece of furniture that is a commitment that pays off. Besides, when you are going big, you might as well stick up some flashy stripes too. Those look so perfect.

Morning Sunshine

It s gonna be a great thing when you wake up in the tropics with a brilliant green backdrop that made up of palm fronds. After that, you can layer in pinks and golds as complementary accent colors. Besides, the trick is to commit to a palette and stick with it. It is a good idea as well for your guest bedroom, they will feel so impressed.

Triple Treatment

For tropical inspiration, you can go with pink instead of green. It comes with a quirky twist on the popular palm tree print. After that, a triple sink, mirrors, and statement wallpaper are so great this time. Do not forget to have gold finishes infuse the space glamour.

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