Pretty spring porch decor ideas below can help make your house shine as bright outside 2

Springtime gives a warmer atmosphere after several months we lived with cold weather. It is time to show the world how spring will spruce up our home. People will see our porch the very first time they come. Decorating the porch is not a hard project to do to welcome spring. It is up to you to buy a new element or DIY. In this section, we are going to show pretty spring porch decor ideas that will make our home shines.


Pretty Rustic Wood Welcome Sign

A rustic wooden sign also looks pretty to complete your porch decor. The “welcome” improves your front porch in a simple but timeless look. No matter what your house style is, this welcome sign will create a focal interest.

Flower Pot Decoration

Usually, people make a house number in a certain wood plain or other pieces. In this house, the owner uses pots to write down the house number. Then, each pot is put in every step of the staircase. It will be so unique and eye-catching to decorate your porch in this way.

Milk Can Patio Table

A milk can can be repurposed as a new furniture item to complete your porch decoration just like seen in this picture. The creator paints the milk can in red color to get a retro look. Combining this simple patio table with vintage chairs will be a nice idea.

Welcome Sign with Mason Jar

Here is another rustic welcome sign that will upgrade our front porch decor. Take a plain wood and paint it in whitewashed style. Then, write “welcome” in blue vintage color. Add a mason jar flower vase to tell more about a spring feel.

Hanging Basket Project

Make your front porch more inviting by hanging a garden basket. It will be more awesome to plant various plants such as greeneries, succulents, fruits, herbs, or flowers. The more plants in a basket will be much better.

Fruit Crate Porch Decor

Don’t throw away your old wooden crate. In this picture, we see an awesome porch decor that use a fruit crate. Pant the wood crate in white. Then, put a big pot inside the fruit crate. After that, there is a space for two smaller flower vases as well on the top.

Birdcage Floral Decoration

An old birdcage will add a spring touch to your front decor as well. Use it to put some flowers. Hang this birdcage on your front porch is a great idea. The unique shape will never go out of date.

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