Diy colored creative ideas to update your glassware to the next level 2

Supermarkets are full of awesome cute glassware. Do you know that you can create them on your own? Well, there are so many easy dan cheap DIY projects that you can make for your home, and one of those is glassware. You can make it prettier and more impressive by giving a little bit of decoration. Here are all the ideas for DIY Colored Glassware.


Polkadot Glasses

These polka-dot glasses look perfect in a modern pattern that suits your summertime on your patio and or fire escape. The materials you need to make this polka dot glass are beacon glassware, glass paint, a small craft paintbrush, vinyl, hole punch, sharp scissors, and a ruler.

Color Block Drinking Glasses

Pick up some of your cheap glasses to be color block drinking glasses. You will need colored cardstock, mod podge dishware safe formula, painter’s tape, knife, and mod podge squeegee.  These glasses are so excited and give you colorful cuteness.

DIY Metallic Print Glassware

This metallic print glassware has a geometric design with gold vinyl. Here you can see an easier way to apply the decals by placing the center of the decal on the glass and rotating the glass as you smooth out the vinyl.

Pastel Dipped Glassware

The pastel dipped glassware has a finished result of not-too-thick pastel color which perfect for spring. It is definitely best to make some lemonade in one of these or to see one full of flowers by your bedsides. The materials you need are clean glass, stir stick, disposable cup, clear gloss, and craft paint.

Colorful Hand-Dotted

 This project is perfect when you gather your friends for a fun afternoon of crafting. It is colorful and unique hand-dotted glasses. The materials you need are yellow, blue, red, and white enamel acrylic paint. After that, you also need glass tumblers, a paper towel, cotton swabs, a sheet pan, and parchment paper.

Pop Of Color Firework Pattern Glassware

If you want to create this colored glassware, you will need steamless acrylic wine glasses and paint pens. You can start at the bottom and draw lines up about a third of the way to the top of the glass. After that, add another color and you are done.

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