20 unique and aesthetic textured wall designs for your home interior 2

Some of you might don’t like to put too many things in your home. You will put the minimalist ornament only and providing ornament is not important for you. However, you should remember that your home needs a few touches to make it looks aesthetic and beautiful. With that, you can really enjoy spending your time there and the atmosphere won’t be boring. In this case, if you still don’t like to put things in your home, then having the wall treatment is the best choice you can have. It won’t need any space in your home and you won’t lose your minimalism concept.


Basically, there are many things that you can do for your wall treatment. From all of the choices, the textured wall is recommended in case you love the minimalism. You don’t need to install it with any ornament, painting, or other artwork since the textured wall already has the impressive look with its aesthetic design. The varied textured wall can be chosen that illustrates the design impression at once. You can have it in modern design, industrial, rustic, farmhouse, etc. If you are interested in having it, then you can find the design references from the images we have provided here.


Using textured walls for your bedroom decorating ideas is an interesting idea. You can use wooden walls that have a texture so that it will present an attractive appearance with a natural touch. Then add lighting on your textured wall to make it look more beautiful. Wooden Wall from Home-designing.


The 3D wall will give texture to your wall so that it will make it look more attractive. You can make a 3D wall with a hexagon pattern using concrete so it will be better and more durable. Adding lighting there will add to the perfection of the interior design in your home. 3D Wall Texture from Home-designing.


Choosing to use wooden walls for your interior design will bring a simple and elegant natural touch to your home. You can use grooved wood to give texture to your bedroom walls so that it will look more attractive. The concrete pendant lamp will provide the perfect lighting for your textured walls. Grooved Wood Wall from Home-designing.


You can use wooden blocks to create textured walls in your interior design so that it will give a natural touch there. Wooden blocks arranged unevenly will present an attractive appearance and can serve as a storage area. You can also place an ornament on a wooden block wall that sticks out in the future so that it will be a simple and attractive decoration. Wooden Blocks Wall from Home-designing.


Round reclaimed wooden look simple but still attractive to complement your interior decoration. Try sticking it on your living room wall to create a texture on your wall so that it will present its own charm. Leaning the painting on the wall and adding lighting will make your textured wall a stunning and inspiring focal point. Round Reclaimed Wooden Wall from Home-designing.


Choosing to use textured walls is an interesting idea. You can use an old metal wall that is stacked unevenly so that it will give an interesting texture. It will also bring an industrial aesthetic to your living room and can grab the attention of everyone who sees it. Metal Wall from Digsdigs.


Using organic materials for your interior design is a very interesting idea to bring a natural touch. You can use the stone to create the wall and leave it exposed so that it will give a texture that looks perfect. Stone Wall from Digsdigs.


Stained wood slab accent wall will present a simple texture but still stunning on your wall. Completing it with wooden floors will make your interior design look more harmonious. You can also install a mirror on your textured wall so that it will stand out more. Stained Wood Slab Accent Wall from Digsdigs.


White walls will bring a clean and bright look to your interior design. You can use white textured walls so that it will bring a touch of art to your home so that it can attract the attention of everyone who sees it. Adding LED lights on the ceiling will provide the perfect lighting for your textured walls so that they look better. White Wall from Nextluxury.


The geometric cracked wood panels will bring a touch of art that looks stunning on your walls. Adding the light behind it will come out through the geometric wood panels so it will look really beautiful. Geometric Wall Texture from Home-designing.


Wooden walls are the right choice for interior design in your home with a natural touch. The vertical line texture on the wall with a bright color will present a stunning appearance in your living room. The built in rack and bicycle will be a simple but attractive wall decoration so that it will make your textured walls stand out more. Vertical Line Texture from Home-designing.


Interior decoration with textured walls is a very interesting idea and you can try it now. You can use a concrete wall that is made uneven so that it will give a beautiful wavy texture. Hanging a round mirror with a white light behind it will make your textured wall look more beautiful and stunning. Concrete Wall from Nextluxury.


Walls are one of the things you should pay attention to to get the perfect interior design. To enhance the interior design, you can use textured walls. Choosing a white textured wall will bring a clean and bright look to your home. White Wall from Nextluxury.


The interior design of the bathroom with white nuances will give the impression of a wider and brighter room. Try using a textured vinyl wall to add a touch of art to your bathroom. You can choose vinyl with a wavy texture so that it will give the impression of beautiful waves and is perfect for your bathroom interior design. White Wavy Wall from Nextluxury.


Stacking wooden blocks on a wall is a very creative way to bring a touch of art to your walls. You can arrange the wooden blocks unevenly so that they will produce a stunning texture in a very simple way. Try hanging some wall hangings there so that it makes your textured walls stand out more. Wooden Blocks from Nextluxury.


Bedroom decoration with gray walls looks simple and elegant. You can use textured walls so that it will bring an interesting touch of art to your bedroom. Adding lighting will make your textured walls look more beautiful and can attract the attention of everyone who sees them. Grey wall Texture from Homedesignlover.


Modern living room decor with wooden walls will bring a natural touch to your living room. You can choose a wooden wall with a vertical texture so it will look simple but still bring a touch of art. Adding a built in shelf in the center of the wall will make it stand out even more. Wood Wall from Homedesignlover.


A circle patterned wall looks simple and attractive for your living room interior design. You can paint it white for a bright and elegant look. Completing it with vintage style furniture will make your living room look chic. Circle Wall Texture from Digsdigs.


You can use old shutters to make your walls textured and look more attractive. Place colorful vintage shutters all over your wall surface so that it will produce a beautiful and colorful texture. Vintage Shutters Wall from Digsdigs.


Red 3D panels will make a bold statement on your bedroom walls. Choosing a geometric patterned texture will present a simple yet stunning appearance in your bedroom. Pairing it with vinyl wood flooring will give it its own charm and make your interior design look stunning. Red 3D Panels Wall from Digsdigs.

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