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The coziness of your home comes from many aspects including the furniture. It can support your activities inside your home and fulfill your needs. To really get the coziness related to the function and the home atmosphere, you can choose organic material furniture like rattan furniture. Or, you can have any wicker furniture product. As we know that those kinds of furniture have the ability in creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. That will be related to the material that comes from nature. Really match with your coziness needs, right? You can get the cozy feeling that comes from the function of the furniture itself and from the impression of the furniture material.


It is awesome how the varied furniture can be made by using rattan material and even in wicker products. The other amazing thing is that in one kind of furniture, you can design it in different look and different level of functions. Let’s say that you can have the rattan swing that designed in form of bench with backrest. Or, you can have it in round design without any backrest. The different design will also works for the seating, table, storage, and other furniture kinds. Additionally, to paint it or not is your choice. Basically, rattan has its warm brown natural color. However, if you want to make it more modern or sleek, you can paint it in white, black, or any color you want.

Enjoy the following references to give you some awesome ideas in presenting the rattan and wicker furniture products to your home!


Complementing the front porch decor with a swing is a very interesting idea. You can choose a rattan swing that is hung using a rope so that it will give a natural touch. Painting the rattan swing white will make it look bright and clean. Rattan Swing from Homebnc.


Using shelves for storage ideas in your home is an idea that will never fail. You can use a woven rattan rack to complement your home decor. Using it to display books, house plants and other ornaments will bring out its own charm. Rattan Shelves from Homebnc.


DIY small table made of woven rattan to complement your home decor looks simple with a natural touch. You can paint it pale white to make it look more beautiful and attractive. Placing a house plant on it will be an attractive and refreshing decoration in your home. Small Rattan Table from Homebnc.


To complement the entryway decoration, you can add furniture there. A small woven rattan cabinet with a door will be a practical and minimalist storage area. You can place house plants and other ornaments on top of the small cabinet to make it look more vibrant. Wicker Cabinet from Homebnc.


Rattan table and chairs are furniture that can bring a natural touch with a sturdy construction in your home decor. Painting it yellow will make it look bright and fresh. Placing it in the living room will be furniture that provides comfort with its own charm in your home. Wicker Round Table Set from Homebnc.


Using rattan chairs painted green to complement your home decor will bring a fresh feel. Adding a soft pad over the chair will add comfort and make it look more attractive. You can also complement it with a small rattan table so that it will look matching and perfect. Green Rattan Chair from Homebnc.


Complementing your home office decor with a desk wicker will present an attractive appearance to your workspace. You can also use a pad chair made of rattan to complement your home office furniture. Placing flower arrangement on the table will bring beauty and can arouse your enthusiasm for work. Wicker and Rattan Ornament from Digsdigs.


Using a vintage sofa to complement your living room furniture will present a classic look there. Adding a wicker suitcase table will make your living room decor look perfect with a vintage touch. Placing a tray with a mini lantern on top of the wicker suitcase table will be a simple and attractive centerpiece. Wicker Suitcase Table from Digsdigs.


Decorating the dining room with furniture made of organic materials will bring out the perfect natural touch. The rattan chair paired with a wooden table looks classic and makes your room wall decor look attractive. Placing flower arrangement on it will make it look even more perfect. Wicker Rattan Chair from Digsdigs.


Wicker rattan chair is the right choice to complement your home decor with a natural touch. You can add a pad to the chair so it will feel more comfortable and look better. Completing it with a wooden table will look perfect in a rustic style so that it will create a warm, natural feel in your home. Wicker Rattan Chair from Digsdigs.


Complementing the porch decoration with a table and chairs is the perfect idea so that it will become a comfortable place to relax. Using a wicker chair with a pad on it will provide comfort and charm on your porch. You can also complement it with cushions for added comfort and it will look more perfect. Wicker Chair Pad and Table from Digsdigs.


A round table made of rattan looks simple but very attractive to complement your home decor. Pairing with a wicker chair will bring a distinct charm to your home. You can place it on the porch so that it becomes a comfortable place to relax and looks stunning. Rattan table and Wicker Chair from Homebnc.


The rectangular wicker table looks very pretty to complement your decor. Having heavy iron legs, the woven table with intricate patterns will give you the perfect industrial look. You can place it outside or indoors no matter because it has a sturdy material. Rectangular Wicker Table from Homebnc.


Rattan chairs that have a design like lazy combine modern style with organic materials so they look attractive. You can place it in the reading room so that it will be the most comfortable place to read a book. Completing it with a round table will make your decoration even more perfect. Rattan Chairs from Homebnc.


Complementing your home decor with organic furniture is the perfect idea to bring out a natural touch. A rattan seat with a unique shape will bring its own charm to your home and can inspire . The round rattan table with glass on it will give a modern and classic touch simultaneously in your home decor. Rattan Furniture from Homebnc.

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