Awesome apartment design for a small family 2

An apartment with an open floor layout is a great style to pursue a large and bright room. For a small family with two or more people inside, an apartment should be designed in a modern minimalist apartment look yet still comfortable in a sophisticated interior. There will be a space to sit together while seeing the view of the city. It has to provide a comfy sleeping area and chic bathroom. The dining space and kitchen also have to decorated well in a sleek and tidy condition. Just like the apartment in this article.

Awesome apartment design for a small family 1

The seating area looks so comfy with a daybed sofa that lets the owner to it and or sleeps every day. There is a bookcase full of collection to full the owner’s reading time. Furthermore, the owner can finish his project at home as well. It such a simple but cozy working area with glass windows to see the views outside. We can see glimpses of the kitchen and dining space area from here.

Awesome apartment design for a small family 2

Take a look at this kitchen that designed in a modern and minimalist look for urban life. It has two parts, cooking space and washing space that appear so sleek and clean. Those parts have a gray marble countertop and gray cabinet underneath. It has a cute golden egg to add a little bit of luxurious touch.  We adore the lighting concept of this apartment as well as that stylish.

Awesome apartment design for a small family 3

In this dining room, we see a modern style with a white table and brown chairs. The wooden floor creates a dramatic look for this apartment as a whole. The glass windows show how beautiful sunset every afternoon. The owner adds a single green plant to a pot to add a natural sensation.

Awesome apartment design for a small family 4

The owner of this apartment has a cozy bedroom with glass windows that give more natural light. At night, the lighting fixtures enlighten this place perfectly. The combination of the gray bed and green backdrop looks so stand out. The one who loves a modern style will adore this bedroom decoration.

Awesome apartment design for a small family 5

Now, we see the bathroom of this apartment that looks so clean and sleek with a tremendous black cabinet. The sink on the top of it was done in white and seems like shining. There are a white bathtub and a shower room that so cozy.


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