Sophisticated art deco bedroom with the essence of the original aesthetic point2

Art deco style already become a great trend since the 20th century. We might find more geometric shapes in a house with an art deco feel. There will be stylized curves as well in some parts. Furthermore, it might have atmospheric lighting.  Art deco will use lush materials like marble, brass, chrome, and velvet. In this article, find out more inspiring bedroom decoration with art deco style more. Check out further below!


Crown Inspired Bedroom

It is almost all the things here show an art deco style. Pay attention to the cane headboard that looks so inspiring. The use of globe pendant lighting also creates a great impact on the bathroom atmosphere. Further, it shows a mix of geometric shapes and patterns all over the room.

Luxurious Art Deco Inspiring Style

Look at the bedroom that looks so luxurious with a curvy velvet-upholstered headboard to tell us more about the art deco feel. It has a custom terrazzo-patterned carpet as well that reminds us about a luxurious feeling. This bedroom is completed with armchairs upholstered with a raspberry pink velvet color.

Art Deco Bedroom In Blue

In this bedroom, we see an antique door that looks like a mirror. This bedroom has brass and lacquered wood paneling that works together to create an art deco style. Furthermore, there are sculptural globe bedside lamps that seem sophisticated.  Completed well with mottled brass headboards, this bedroom has a different texture.

Metal Bedroom With Art Deco Style

Monochrome color pallets for a bedroom are not a mistake. In this picture, the bedroom has an awesome art deco style with a white tufted headboard. See the metal gold wall accents that dramatically give a different look. This symmetrical bedroom decoration will create a clean and tidy room feeling. What a cozy bedroom to sleep in and have a great dream.

Bedroom With Awesome Headboard

This bedroom shows a tremendous art deco style. It has a round shape headboard pattern that so futuristic. Even, there are more curves in this bedroom. Even the table lamps look so aesthetic with the unique shapes. Do you realize that the rest panels on the bedroom are hand painting creation?

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