Plantation-style shutters are an investment that keeps giving. They add beauty to your room while controlling the amount of light coming in. The market has a wide variety of shutters in distinct materials. You need to choose the best one for your home. Remember, wrong shutters can make the room dark, moist, and let in dust, leading to allergies. 

Hence, it can be overwhelming to shop for plantation shutters. To ensure you are getting the best shutter for your money, keep the following factors in mind.


Plantation-style shutters come in multiple materials, like wood, vinyl, faux wood, aluminium, etc. Although the popular choice is wood, the ultimate choice will depend on the room the shutters will be in. The shutters should also be able to withstand moisture and extreme weather changes. 

The bathroom and kitchen work well with vinyl or composite material. On the other hand, living rooms look good with hardwood. These will add to the style and class of the room decor. 

Louvre Size

Louvre refers to the slats on the shutter that open or close the plantation shutters to let in the light. The size of the louvres usually ranges from 2.5 to 5.5 inches. Getting the right size is imperative. Louvre too small will block the sunlight, while too big will allow extra light to come in.

Another thing to remember is the look and feel of the shutters. Keep in mind whether you want a more open window with a contemporary touch or a more traditional look.


The tilt of a shutter is how they open or close. There are two types of tilt, front tilt or the standard tilt and the hidden tilt. The standard tilt has the louvre moving on a central tilt rod. When adjusting the shutter for more light, the rod moves up and down vertically.        

The hidden tilt has the rod at the back of the shutter panel. Their shutters offer an unobstructed view. However, hidden tilts are more finicky and prove difficult when replacing.


Another vital factor to keep in mind while shopping for a plantation shutter is its installation. The shutters should be easy to install. Attempting to install stubborn shutters could damage them and nullify the warranty.

Check if the shutter company provides installation. Hire a professional to install them the correct way. When installed the right way, the shutters won’t cause any cracks or warpage to the window.


All shutters, no matter the material, size, or installation, need to be cleaned regularly. This will increase its lifetime and also help prevent seasonal allergies. All shutters will come with a set of instructions on how to clean and maintain them properly. 

A clean and dry microfibre cloth can wipe down the dust. It is also recommended to, once in a month, thoroughly clean with water. 

Shutters are a significant purchase for your home. All necessary factors stated above should be kept in mind. They come with motors and have the ability to install upgrades later easily.  They should be easy to clean and have low maintenance. Remember to not try and install the shutters on your own. Avoid any accidental injuries by hiring a professional to do it.

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