A hot water system requires regular maintenance and repairs. An old or broken hot water system will not work as intended and drag your energy costs upwards. This article aims to help you identify the signs when your water system needs to be replaced. 

You could also visit website of the hot water service to know how a professional crew can help with your concerns. In the meanwhile, here are the signs to look for:

The Hot Water System is Old

Hot water systems have a healthy life span of 10 to 12 years, after which the water system’s performance might start degrading. You will end up spending money on replacing parts, repairs, and service costs, which may prove to be more expensive than a new water system in the long run. 

The Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources require minimum energy performance standards (MERPS) for electric and gas storage water heaters. Get your hot water system replaced in a day and comply with the required regulations. 

The Hot Water System Does Not Heat Water

Your hot water system is supposed to heat water, and if you have been taking lukewarm showers, it is time to get the system checked. This is not a sign that the whole hot water system needs to be replaced but get professional advice before going about the next repair steps. You could visit the website of reputed hot water service to know more.

Water is Coloured

Corrosion could be a reason why your hot water system is dispensing muddy, reddish, brown, or rusty-colored water. Water mixed with corroded metals is harmful to the human body. You need to get the water system checked for corrosion or any other build-ups and then decide on repairs or a complete hot water replacement. 

Depending on the damage discovered, you could have your hot water system replaced within a day with minimal downtime.  

You Hear Strange Noises

Hot water systems typically emit a low hum sound when the water is being heated. But if you tend to hear loud noises like banging, cracking, or sparking, then it is best to get the hot water system checked at the earliest. 

If you leave the system unchecked for a long time, it could further aggravate the situation, and you might end up with no other option than to get the hot water system replaced. Engage with an experienced crew who have dealt with an extensive range of hot water systems to get to its root cause.

Rising Heating Bills

The water heating system is the second-largest source of energy consumption in an average Australian home accounting for 15% to 27% of energy use. If the hot water system is well beyond its prime, or if it is working inefficiently due to any other issues, then you will notice an increase in your heating bills. 

Not only will the hot water system fulfil its intended function, but it will also rake up energy costs. It would be best to get the system replaced with professional hot water service in such a scenario.  

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, it is time to get in touch with a professional to get your system replaced within a day with an experienced crew’s help. You could visit the website to know more about the same-day hot water system replacement.

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