7 mind-blowing design rustic plate racks for your lovely kitchen 2

One of the ways to decorate your kitchen is by using Plate Racks. Not only plate racks will make your kitchen look prettier, but it also suitable for you who love minimalist furniture. Plate racks don’t need a lot of space, because you can put them as floating shelve. Moreover, plate racks can be adjusted based on your theme decoration, from modern to vintage design all of them will make your kitchen look amazing. And since we already talk about plate racks, then today we will discuss 7 Mind-Blowing Design Rustic Plate Racks For Your Lovely Kitchen.


A whole package of plate racks that can keep your kitchenware in one set. Not only it all in one rack, but it also combining modern and rustic design, making you want to renovate your kitchen immediately.

It may look old but it doesn’t lose the touch. Hanging this plate racks design on your kitchen will add an enchanting vintage design that will hypnotize everyone who sees it.

Plate racks purpose is not only for keeping your dining ware, but it also has a purpose for decoration.

Don’t be afraid to go full vintage style. With plate racks everything is possible, moreover, it will look gorgeous.

This design will save a lot of space. Not only it keeps your plates, the spare space above it can be used to keep your stuff.

If you have a small space in your kitchen, then this design will have to solve your space problem.

The floating plate racks can help you to keep rarely used dining ware while at the same time your kitchen looks neater.

You can also combine the different colour of paint with your rustic plate racks. Just like in this picture, the combination of white colour with your rustic plate racks is enhancing the vintage design in this room.

So? Which one if your favorite Plate Rack Design? Let us know in the comment below.

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