Fabulous lighting decor ideas to illuminate anythings in the dining room 2

Though the dining room looks simpler, a good lighting fixture addition is important to complete its design. The dining area usually has a lighting fixture hanging over the seating area. Sometimes, the dining space and kitchen are in the same place. So, we need a great lamp that will enlighten the whole area all night. In this article, we are going to show fabulous lighting designs that will illuminate anything in the dining room. Let us check them out!


Shabby Chic Chandelier

The wall in this dining room is done in white to attain a larger room look. The owner put a rectangular wooden table with wooden chairs to get a daily feel but work well for formal occasions as well. The shabby chic lighting fixture above elevates the room into a more welcoming feel.

Crystal Chandelier For Dining Room

To create a cozy space with a modern edge feeling, the owner installs crystal chandeliers and put them over the seating area. The long lighting fixtures bring this area to look modern and more vibe. See how sleek this area because of the crystal chandeliers above.

Elegant Linear Chandelier

See this area that so mind-blowing with elegant linear chandeliers. It doesn’t have to be glam and glitz, these neutral lighting fixtures bring this room to appear calm and rich. The acrylic chairs make it appears large, sleek, and clean.

Awesome Glass Chandeliers

If you wish to have a simple and modern dining room, this picture might inspire you more. See the class chandeliers that work very nice with six-seat dining room table. The owner put the dining area near the glass door to attain more natural light all over the day.

Vintage Lighting Fixtures

Get more casual dining space with vintage warehouse lighting fixtures. In this picture, the decorator chooses those lighting fixtures in order to have a timeless design. So, this dining room doesn’t need to re-upgrade for all year long.

Bling Chandelier For Dining Room

A rustic dining room will appear more glamour with this bling chandelier. It becomes the focal interest of this house among other farmhouse-inspired tones. The owner adds two table lamps on the top of cabinet to show a pretty farmhouse dining room.

Glass And Metal Pendants For Dining Room

This sophisticated dining room tells us more about a modern feel. Look at the glass and metal chandeliers above the seating area that so awesome. The room will appear brighter at night and look so beautiful all day.

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