Get the perfect decorative lighting with these 15 diy candle making ideas fi

Need some decorative lighting to beautify your home decoration? Candles will be the answer for you! It is the right thing for you to choose decorative lighting to complete the decoration. Lighting is something that can give a special impression especially when you can provide the one with an awesome design. Not only cheap, but candles also give you so many choices so that you can have a wide range of references. You can even include some materials that can provide a calming effect with the natural elements. Additionally, there are also some aromatic candles that can give you a more calming effect perfectly.


We recommend you to have the DIY candle making because it is really simple and allows you to get the prettiest design on your own version. You can also adjust the design based on your home decoration concept. The interesting thing about it is that you can make a candle that related to your favorite things. For example, if you love coffee, then you can use coffee as your additional material for your DIY candle. If you love herb or flower, you can dry it then use it to decorate your candle. If you love the beach, you can use some shells to bring the smell of the ocean. There are still so many ideas that you can adapt as explained below.


DIY candles made with coffee and vanilla beans will give you the perfect aromatherapy. It will also provide warm lighting in your home. You can make candles in a wine glass so that it will give it a simple yet attractive appearance. Vanilla Candles from Cutediyprojects.


You can use lavender to create beautiful decorative lighting. Take some lavender from the garden and use it to make your own candles at home. You can make it in a clear glass jar so the lavender will look beautiful. DIY Pressed Herb Candles from Cutediyprojects.


Choosing to use candles as a lighting idea in your home is an interesting idea. You can make DIY beeswax candles so that they provide a warm lighting and scent together. Placing it in a glass jar will make it look even more perfect. Beeswax Candles from Cutediyprojects.


Doing a DIY project for decorative lighting is a creative idea. You can make beeswax so it will give it a refreshing scent. Adding shells to the candle making will make it look more attractive. DIY Shells Candle Making from Stylemotivation.


Using candles for lighting ideas in your home is an idea that will never fail so that it will provide warm lighting. You can do DIY projects to make candles to make them look more beautiful. Adding artificial ribbons and flowers to the candles will make your lighting idea look more beautiful and attractive. Decorative Candle from Stylemotivation.


Try making decorative lighting to complement the decor in your home to make it look more perfect. You can make a DIY white candle covered with gold glitter that will make it look absolutely stunning. You can use a gold candle holder to display it so it will look stunning. Gold Glitter Candles from Stylemotivation.


To express your creativity, making DIY Candles for lighting ideas in your home is the perfect idea. You can make glitter candles in tin cane so that it will look simple and practical. Use glitter in a different color so that it will make it look very attractive. Glitter Tin Candles from Diys.


If you want to complement the lighting in your home, try doing a DIY project to get it. You can make DIY candles with color blocks so that it will bring a colorful look to your home. Using the jar as a container, will make your color block candles clearly visible. DIY Color Block Candle from Diys.


You can use lemon peel for candle making as a lighting idea in your home. Making a candle with lemon zest creates a warm light and a refreshing aroma at the same time. So that your home decor will look attractive by using lemon candles as a lighting idea. Lemon Candles from Diys.


If you are choosing candles for lighting ideas in your home, try making DIY color block candles, you can use red, blue and white with striped patterns to make color block candles. Make it in clear glass so that it will stand out clearly and make for really beautiful lighting. Color Block Candles from Diys.


You can make Dried Flower Candles to complement your lighting ideas in your home so that it will save more money. All you need is a glass cup, dried flowers and melted wax. First, enter the flower and candle wick into the glass, then pour the melted wax, then wait for it to harden and become a beautiful candle. Dried Flower Candles from Floraqueen.


Candles are one of the simplest lighting ideas and give a calm feel to your home d├ęcor. Making DIY candles for lighting ideas in your home is an interesting idea. You can make candle petals in a coffee cup so that it will look very attractive in an easy and inexpensive way. Petal Candles from Hometalk.


Try making DIY candles for lighting ideas in your home so that it will make your home decor look more creative. You can make DIY coffee candles at home using glass jars, coffee beans and melted candles. First enter the melted wax along with the wick then sprinkle coffee beans on top and wait for it to harden until it becomes a beautiful Candles. DIY Coffee Candle from Craftionary.


Try making DIY candles to complement the lighting ideas in your home so that it will make your decor even more perfect. You can make DIY cinnamon candles at home so you can express your creativity. First pour the melted wax into a glass container then sprinkle cinnamon on top so that it will produce a refreshing aroma in your home. Cinnamon Candles Making from Craftionary.


Cinnamon candles are one of the right choices for lighting ideas in your home because in addition to providing lighting, they will also provide a soothing aroma. Try making it yourself to save costs and express your creativity. The first thing you have to do is prepare the equipment. After that, paint the cinnamon white and stick it on the candle until it covers the surface so that it will look unique and attractive. White Cinnamon Candle from Homebnc.

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