Mid-century modern lighting ideas to give your current layout some timeless appeal 2

There various ways to decorate our home. Decorating trends come and go with various styles every year. It happens with lighting fixtures as well. Some people follow the trend, while others choose to apply a timeless design. The one who loves the historical era might adore a classic and industrial style. In this article, we are going to show mid-century modern lighting ideas to give your house a timeless atmosphere. Let us check them out further below!


Golden Sputnik Chandelier

In this dining room, the owner of the house applies a classic sputnik chandelier to spruce up the decor. The goldtone pops against the dark wall around. It works well with the wood and leather furniture underneath.

Simple Industrial Lighting

In this play space, the owner needs not much light at night. So, there is only an industrial lighting fixture with minimum light as the option. White glass windows did the job to enlighten this space all over the day. The white walls make this area bright and airy.

Hanging Pendants

We love the color scheme in this dining room that designed well in a modern tone. See the hanging pendants that work well with the black ceiling above. Further, the gold color makes them stand out. This space looks so modern and stylish.

Hourglass Light Fixture

This traditional dining space leads to a mid-century modern appealbecause of the lighting fixture. The hourglass stands out and becomes the focal interest of this space. It will appear awesome at night because of the beautiful shape.

Classic Mid Century Modern Lighting

Tubular Edison bulbs will never go out of style. In this area, the owner applies a classic mid-century modern lighting that works well with everything underneath. If you love retro-style, this dining room decoration should be on your wishlist.

Mid-Century Flush Mount Lighting

This study area looks so cozy and inviting with a great decoration. The owner applies white and more glass windows to attain a bright area all day long. Then, it has a navy blue stripes flush mount lighting that lends a pop of whimsy to the room.

Mind-Century Modern Crystal Chandelier

Do you love to have a glamorous mid-century dining room just like what seen in a Hollywood movie? Pay attention more to this picture that shows a sumptuous dining room. The crystal chandelier works well wiht gold-tone metallic fixtures in this area for a glamour room atmosphere.

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